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Awnings to Protect Your Windows

AwningsWith springtime just around the corner, warm weather is a welcomed friend. Still, it can be easy to take for granted the small things that help us appreciate the beauty. Many don’t realize the importance of awnings on a house, and the many different considerations to take into account when arranging what kind of awning to buy, when to keep it up, and how to maintain them.

First things first, most people think of awnings as givers of shade. The primary reason for having an awning among all owners is shade, but many owners do not realize the additional benefits from covering your house. Awnings also reduce the amount of heat that travels through windows. In fact, windows are responsible for the most heat transfer out of any part of a house. In the winter, it is the greatest single source of heat loss, and likewise in the summer, it is the cause of heat retention. One way to curb unforeseen changes in heat is by protecting windows with storm-safe awnings. Awnings themselves work to protect windows from conditions that may damage frames.

Awnings come in many different styles, but some survive bad weather better than others. The sturdiest kinds are aluminum awnings which require more maintenance but last up to around twenty years before faltering. However, aluminum frames can be damaged by snow and the expansion of water as it freezes, so it is recommended to change from aluminum awnings to retractable vinyl awnings for hotter weather.


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