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Classic Crafts Canvas Collection

Classic-Craft Canvas are the new, hot, in-style entrances offered by Therma-Tru, which Paradise Exteriors will install for you. The Classic-Craft Canvas Collection is the first premium, smooth fiberglass door to carry the Therma-Tru brand name. The brand for the design is beauty, smoothness, and ease of adapting to a home. The doors feature wide center panels with rich details that rival high-end custom wood doors as well as heavy gauge steel doors. The Class-Craft Canvas Collection is the perfect door system embodying the beauty of high-end custom wooden door, but made of fiberglass, has the strength and security of a steel door but durability and energy efficiency of a fiberglass door.

Take a peak at the 16 door styles and 19 glass styles available.


Classic Crafts Canvas Collection

If you’re looking for classic crafts canvas in South Florida, call Paradise Exteriors, LLC at 561-732-0300, or fill out our online request form.

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