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Yes, typically all openings must have HVHZ protection to qualify for wind mitigation discounting.

You will need to contact your insurance provider for more information.

The standard time frame for a project will take between 6-12 weeks depending on the length of time it takes to secure Homeowner’s Association (HOA) approval and Permit approval. HOA approval can take anywhere from 1- 8 weeks depending on the HOA. HOA’s with management companies leaning toward the lengthier side. Permit approval can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks depending on the building department. Once HOA approval and Permit approval are received the project will be ordered. Once the project is ordered we will receive your order into our warehouse anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Once we receive your order we will call you to set the installation which we will set up for the current or following week. After installation we will set the final inspection with the building department which takes between 1-6 weeks depending on the building departments schedule, the clients schedule, and our technicians schedule. To make sure your project does not incur any delays it is imperative that a homeowner on the deed is present for the final re-measure to sign the permit application and Notice of Commencement documents to submit to your building department for approval. If your project requires HOA approval you will need contact your HOA and request their ARC (Architectural Review Committee) form and email a copy to our HOA department to submit to your HOA for approval.
Follow the steps on the Rapid Response agreement that was provided and explained at the time of order.
Once in production, the production manager will review and bring building your project based on all required approvals.
Once we document a call and deliver the message to the designated department, you will receive a call back within 24 business hours.
This question is answered in the hurricane faq, located on the home page of Paradise Exteriors website https://www.paradiseexteriors.com/hurricane-faq/
Notice of Commencements stay on the property for the term of 1 year from filing. We will remove the Notice of Commencement with your written request. This can only be done after full payment has been received and the permit has been closed.
When our installers come out to install your project we will give you your approved permit. Once the permit inspection has been approved, by the building department official, call your insurance company for assistance.
You will need to contact your Home Owner’s insurance company for assistance.


Yes, all of the products we offer meet or exceed the HVHZ requirements for South Florida.
No, all taxes are included at the time of sale.
You may qualify for tax credits if they are available. You will need to contact your accountant to discuss if your eligible for any credits.
Yes, referrals are appreciated and rewarded.
You can authorize your change order by one of the following: 

  1. Simply view the document and reply to the original email stating “I authorize these changes.”
  2. Print the change order out, sign the change order and email it to officeassistant@paradiseexteriors.com.
  3. Print out the change order, sign it and US mail it to Paradise Exteriors 1918 Corporate Dr. Boynton Beach, FL 33426. 

The changes will be noted on your project and could possibly cause resubmittal of HOA and Permit.
Yes it may, depending on the changes that need to be made on your project.
No, we make repairs to paint ready condition. It is your responsibility to contact a professional painting company.
Sliding glass doors include stainless steel rollers. Hinged doors include stainless steel hinges. All handles are pre-cast metal.


On top of the contract agreement there will be a measure date set by you and your sales representative at the time of sale for our measure technician to come out to your home for the final re-measure and to start the permitting process. If this has not been scheduled, please contact our measure technician department to schedule your final re-measure. It is imperative that a homeowner on the deed be present for the final re-measure to sign the permit application and notice of commence documents required to submit to the building department for permit approval.
Once our measure technician measures your project, we start the permitting process, which includes collecting all proper documentation that the state requires prior to submitting to your building department.


Yes, we work with all the largest lenders in the home improvement industry including Ygrene and other Pace programs.
Finance applications are submitted to our lenders between Monday and Friday. The finance company chosen can take up to 3-4 business days to get approval. Once we receive approval we will be contacting you with the approval information.
The finance companies may require some extra information and if so, they will email our finance department and yourself requesting a mortgage statement.
The lender does provide us with the reason for declining the application as we do not do the underwriting. You will
receive a letter in the mail from the lender chosen as to why you were denied. After we try our primary lenders we will submit your application to our other lenders in order to secure your requested payment terms.
Unsecured signature loans typically carry much higher interest rates than secured loans. Due to the partnerships we have with our lenders we can secure interest rates much lower than the average for unsecured signature loans.
No, all of our lenders do not have a pre-payment penalty.
If your finance expires prior to completion your application will be resubmitted for approval.


No fees for debit, check, and cash payments. We must process credit cards like any other business (3%), but we won’t take anything extra. An (unavoidable) 3% convenience fee is passed on for all credit card payments.
All checks go through our accounting department, once the charge is reconciled you will receive your refund within 10-14 business days.


Depending on the size of your Home Owners Association it can 1-8 weeks, smaller Home Owners Associations can take as little as a week to approve the work being done on your home while Home Owners Associations with management companies tend to take longer.
The only thing that we request is that you contact your HOA immediately to request their Architectural form (ARC from) and email a copy to HOA@Paradiseexteriors.com. Each HOA has their own ARC form that they require be filled out with the project details for submittal. We are not able to submit for HOA submittal without this form.
It is the responsibility of the property owner to pay the deposit to their Home Owners Association. Home Owners Associations will refund deposits back the property owners account only and will not refund deposits to any other person or company.
The main thing that you can do to help speed up the process for HOA approval is contact your HOA immediately to request their Architectural form (ARC from) and email a copy to HOA@Paradiseexteriors.com. Each HOA has their own ARC form that they require be filled out with the project details for submittal. We are not able to submit for HOA submittal without this form.
We will submit the ARC form to your HOA and follow up on approval and keep you up to date on approval. If you would like to follow up with your HOA approval as well some HOAs may provide more information to the homeowner than to the company on the status of approval.
We cannot accept verbal approval. We will need an email from your HOA stating they approve the windows and doors being installed by Paradise Exteriors.
No, we cannot order prior to HOA and Permit approval.


Only a homeowner on the deed.
No, since this a legal document, the building department does not accept copies of signatures, they only accept original signatures. Your permit application and Notice of Commencement needs to be mailed or hand delivered to our office at 1918 Corporate Drive Boynton Beach, FL 33426. This will only be needed if you did not sign the permit application and NOC at the time of final remeasure.
Once the permit application is completed, we will schedule a permit technician to hand deliver your permit to the building department to get reviewed for approval.
Online if your building department has an online website otherwise you will need to call your building department.
6 months after it gets approve by the building department, unless otherwise stated.
Permits are typically good for 6 months after approval. If your permit should expire we will request an extension with for the permit with your building department.
You can go to your county property appraiser and search your address. You will see who your building department is in the municipality section.
The warranty deed needs to be recorded in the clerk of courts of your city so the county property appraiser website can be updated with your information.
No, your building department only allows one Window and Door permit to be open at a time.
A Notice of Commence is required for the construction of, improvements to, or alteration or repair to real property. Florida law states any project over $2,500 must have a Notice of Commencement filed with the state.
Any changes in your project requires a new permit application to be signed if required by your building department.


Our manufacturers shipping time is typically 2-4 weeks depending upon the style and sizes of the windows and doors. This is typically half of the time it takes other manufacturers in the industry to ship. Impact Windows and Doors are all custom made for your home.


Installation schedules are booked a week in advance. We will contact you once the product is shipped to our warehouse to schedule your installation.
Installations are scheduled Monday through Saturday. If your building department requires an in-progress inspections installation can only be scheduled Monday through Friday.
This will depend on various factors. The Production Manager will go over how long the install will take for your project at the time of scheduling your install. These factors include: The number of windows or doors being installed, any oversized windows or doors, the framing of your home and any extra work that may require. Some HOA’s may limit the time they allow our installers to work. We can assure you the installers will not rush through your project and will provide you with a premium quality installation.
Yes, we do a quality control check when receiving shipments of windows and doors. Replacement glass arrives in cellophane and we keep each window and door in the manufactures packaging to reduce the possibility of damage after arrival. Therefore, when it is time to deliver and install your replacement windows and doors they are still neatly packaged from our manufacturer.
We will immediately place the order for the replacement product that is needed. Once we receive the replacement we will set up a date with you to service your project.
Depending on the size of your job, the crews can range from 2 to 8 installers. The size of the crew is decided on by the Production Manager at the time of scheduling your project.
Paradise Exteriors installers will have a company uniform and the permit for your project.
Yes, all of our installation crews have a crew supervisor that oversees the project.
No, we do not specialize in alarm systems. It is your responsibility to contact your alarm company prior to the date of install.
All alarm systems vary in styles. You will need to contact your alarm company for their recommendation.
No, removal/reinstallation of curtains and or blinds require trained professionals to do so, which we do not employ. In addition, our license and insurance does not allow to do this. It is your responsibility to contact a professional curtain/blind company prior to your date of install.
Your Building Department may require to see certain stages of the installation.
The windows/doors are water tested at the factory before shipping. We cannot water test the windows/doors after installing due to wet caulk, wet stucco, or some services that may occur from time to time. As well as the windows are not made to withstand the pressure of a hose or pressure washer. Water ratings for all windows and doors typically range between 0.05 psi and 0.09 psi. For comparison, a typical garden hose sprays at about 30-60 psi and a typical pressure washer sprays at 1200+ psi.
Unfortunately, manufacturers do not provide owner’s manuals for products. At time of install the crew leader will walk you through the process on how to operate the windows/doors properly.


If your project does not require any services or stucco repair that would prohibit the job from passing the final inspection, our inspections department will be contacting you to schedule the final inspection. We will coordinate the building departments first available date along with your schedule to set the final inspection. We will have a service technician on site at the time of inspection to walk with you through the inspection and go over any outstanding services required before or after the inspection.
Between the Building Departments schedule, the clients schedule and our technicians schedule, this process can take from 1-6 weeks to complete the final inspection. We do have an onsite service technician to help walk you through your final inspection and answer any questions the building inspector may have at the time of inspection.
Sometimes products are mislabeled and do not match the permit, which would result in having to revise the permit. Change orders can be done after we have approved permit and then the permit would need to be revised.
Yes, a trained technician will be on site prior to a building inspectors arrival, to prepare the home for your inspection. All trim covers will be removed, and each opening will be ready to be inspected so your building inspection will go smoothly and in a timely manner.
The Notice of Commencement is released upon request and project is paid in full.


Just like your custom made to fit windows and/or doors, the replacement parts are also custom and take about 2-4 weeks to ship into our warehouse. They will undergo the same quality control inspection as your original windows and/or doors did. We make sure there are no imperfections or damage before installing them.
On the morning of your scheduled service your service technician will call between 8:30AM and 9:30AM with an estimated time frame. We do recommend you make yourself available that day from 9am to 5pm.
It does not, impact windows are water resistant, not water proof. The windows and/or doors are not engineered to withstand direct water pressure, such as a hose or pressure washer. Water ratings for operable windows and doors typically range between 0.05 psi and 0.09 psi. For comparison, a typical garden hose sprays at about 30-60 psi and a typical pressure washer sprays at 1200+ psi.
Email your concern to paradiseexteriorsllc@gmail.com and you will be contacted.
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The team at Paradise kept in touch throughout the process - everything was perfect with the communication. Everything was taken care of during install. They picked up everything and the workers were cordial. I love the way they worked. The inspection went fine. It was definitely was a good choice to install the windows. The house stays cooler and my energy bill has gone down. I also don’t hear as much noise. I’ve sent my friends to Paradise a couple times already, and would recommend them again.
Jessica Torres
Our family had a great experience with Paradise Windows! The sales rep, Tyler was so helpful and got us a great deal. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to add value and safety to your home. The installation was fast and efficient. I love our new windows and doors!! They will essentially pay for themselves with the quality and efficiency and energy conservation.
Judy Russell
Windows & Doors
Extremely Knowledgeable sales rep as well as patient. Great product, can't wait for the windows to start saving on energy as well as making the house look great, updated and safe. Let me mention once again on the sales rep Santiago Munera, if not for his cool calm demeanor and running us through everything answering all our questions as well as our quirkiness. if not for him we would be with another contractor. We will definitely call for future projects.
Tony Berrios
I would give Paradise exteriors a 20 out of 10! The crew was amazing and I would love to speak to the owner about how top-notch the whole experience was for me. The installers were on time and courteous. They cleaned up their mess and clean my windows before they left. Afterwards, they did a thorough walk-through with me and showed me how to lock and operate everything properly. Overall everything was excellent! Wow!
Rick LeAndro
This is the most professional company that I’ve ever dealt with. From our first conversation on the phone to the completion of the work. A-1 company. Totally pleased.
Robert Rosenthal
Truly an amazing company to do business with. They have made replacing our windows a breeze. Everyone we came in contact with, either by phone or in person, has been so pleasant. We will definitely recommend them to everyone we know.
Darla M.
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