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Fiber Classic Entry Doors

Moving past the six different Classic-Craft style of Therma-Tru entry doors, there are two different types of Fiber Classic entry doors: Mahogany and Oak.
The Fiber-Classic Mahogany Collection is a timeless style. Mahogany has a darker, richer looks in the wood. The dark grain creates a cohesive exteriors look. There are two door heights to choose from: 6 feet and 8 inches or 8 feet tall. There are 6 different configurations to choose from, 20 different styles, and 27 glass styles to choose. There are many routes to go with this style of entry door.


Fiber Classic Entry Doors
Fiber Classic Mahogany Door Styles
Fiber Classic Mahogany Window Styles, Fiber Classic Entry Doors
Fiber Classic Mahogany Window Styles

The Fiber-Classic Oak door was the first fiberglass front door made by Therma-Tru.  It revolutionized entry doors and set the standard.  This door is durable, stylish, economical, and most admired by builders and remodeled who understand the significance of this first fiberglass door.  There are 23 available door styles and 27 possible glass styles.


Fiber Classic Oak Door Styles, Fiber Classic Entry Doors
Fiber Classic Oak Door Styles

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