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Florida window installation

Hurricane Windows Delray Beach FL

Providing Homeowners in Delray Beach, FL, With Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane Windows

It’s likely that a hurricane will be one of the most devastating natural disasters that you, like most Floridians, will ever experience. With no way to avoid a hurricane’s path, the best you can do is equip your home in Delray Beach, Florida, to withstand extreme weather. That’s where Paradise Exteriors comes in. We install premium hurricane impact windows that are capable of resisting gale-force winds and airborne debris. With top-quality hurricane proof windows protecting your home, you can rest easy knowing that your biggest investment can stand strong even in the worst weather.

Windows That Offer Unbeatable Protection

Our hurricane impact windows come in a variety of popular styles—including double-hung and sliding windows—making it simple to find products that perfectly suit your home. However, regardless of the style of you choose, you can rest assured that your hurricane windows will offer unparalleled performance. In fact, they boast:

  • Superior impact resistance – Reinforced frames and tempered, laminated glass panes can withstand most impacts without shattering, allowing our windows to be installed anywhere in Florida—including High-Velocity Hurricane Zones.
  • Minimal maintenance – While hurricane screens and shutters require labor-intensive installation before a storm strikes, our hurricane proof windows don’t necessitate any additional effort on your part in order to keep your home safe.
  • Energy efficiency – Many of the same features that provide protection also help maintain your home’s energy efficiency. With minimal amounts of air leakage and the lowest frequency of seal failures in our market, these windows boast an ENERGY STAR® rating and can help maintain comfy indoor temperatures.

Furthermore, we’re so confident that you’ll love your replacement windows that we supplement their double-lifetime manufacturer’s warranty with an accidental glass breakage warranty.

The next time a hurricane blows into Delray Beach, FL, you should know that you’re prepared. Contact Paradise Exteriors today to learn more about our hurricane impact windows and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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