How to Install Hurricane Impact Windows
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How to Install Hurricane Impact Windows

In today’s world with daily reports of extreme weather conditions, if you are living in a hurricane-prone area, there is one thing that should be done to protect your family and home from the shattering effects of a storm.  Installing hurricane impact windows could be one of the best investments you will make in providing protection and security for your family. In some coastal areas where hurricanes and gale force winds are common, hurricane windows have become a standard feature in homes.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Installing hurricane windows does more than just protect your home, they will also reduce the noise, protect from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and improve the energy efficiency of your home. Many insurance companies appreciate the value of these windows and offer discounts on their homeowner’s insurance for homes and offices that have hurricane impact windows.
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The Hurricane Window Installation Process

For most installations, we send a team because two people are needed to install them correctly. For some windows in older homes and for windows that are difficult to reach our professionals handle with ease.

To install a hurricane impact window, start by removing the current window from the frame. Next, put the hurricane window into the frame to make sure it fits properly. Now, take the window out and apply the sealant to the perimeter on the outside of the opening. Finally, put the new window into the opening and nail it into the frame. Silicone caulking can be applied to the edge once the window is installed.

To make sure the window is completely sealed, attractive moldings and casings are installed around the window. Casings are usually outside and help ensure that the hurricane window is sealed completely. This stops leaking heat of air conditioning and keeps out pests. Inside the room, moldings are for aesthetics as well as completing the seal.

More About Hurricane Windows

When we install your hurricane impact windows, we will make sure your windows are in accordance with the manufacture instructions.

The laminated glass that is used in hurricane windows was first developed in the 1930s for use in automobile windshields. It wasn’t until recently that their popularity has grown for use in residential buildings. Hurricane windows have greatly lowered the amount of destruction from hurricanes and storms. These windows can withstand winds up to 200 mph and are much more effective than plywood coverings.

There are two types of hurricane windows. The first uses a clear film that is applied to both sides of the glass. This shatter resistant film will not allow the glass to fly around the room if it breaks.
The second and most popular choice is called inner-membrane glass. This type uses two sheets of glass pressed together with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) placed between them. This rubber-like clear material is a very strong adhesive so that even if the glass is shattered it stays together and does not break into pieces.

There are a few tips that our experts advise before installation. To make sure you are getting maximum protection from falling or flying debris hurricane windows should be paired with window frames that have been made stronger. This type of frame has reinforcement and stiffeners made with metal, vinyl or wood or a combination of materials that makes them much stronger than ordinary window frames. The other tip is, if you are installing a new type of window into an old window frame, it is better to replace the entire window system. Then you can be sure the window will work as designed.

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The team at Paradise kept in touch throughout the process - everything was perfect with the communication. Everything was taken care of during install. They picked up everything and the workers were cordial. I love the way they worked. The inspection went fine. It was definitely was a good choice to install the windows. The house stays cooler and my energy bill has gone down. I also don’t hear as much noise. I’ve sent my friends to Paradise a couple times already, and would recommend them again.
Jessica Torres
Our family had a great experience with Paradise Windows! The sales rep, Tyler was so helpful and got us a great deal. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to add value and safety to your home. The installation was fast and efficient. I love our new windows and doors!! They will essentially pay for themselves with the quality and efficiency and energy conservation.
Judy Russell
Windows & Doors
Extremely Knowledgeable sales rep as well as patient. Great product, can't wait for the windows to start saving on energy as well as making the house look great, updated and safe. Let me mention once again on the sales rep Santiago Munera, if not for his cool calm demeanor and running us through everything answering all our questions as well as our quirkiness. if not for him we would be with another contractor. We will definitely call for future projects.
Tony Berrios
I would give Paradise exteriors a 20 out of 10! The crew was amazing and I would love to speak to the owner about how top-notch the whole experience was for me. The installers were on time and courteous. They cleaned up their mess and clean my windows before they left. Afterwards, they did a thorough walk-through with me and showed me how to lock and operate everything properly. Overall everything was excellent! Wow!
Rick LeAndro
This is the most professional company that I’ve ever dealt with. From our first conversation on the phone to the completion of the work. A-1 company. Totally pleased.
Robert Rosenthal
Truly an amazing company to do business with. They have made replacing our windows a breeze. Everyone we came in contact with, either by phone or in person, has been so pleasant. We will definitely recommend them to everyone we know.
Darla M.
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