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At Paradise Exteriors, we strive to provide the highest-quality impact window installation services throughout South Florida. With multiple offices, inluding St. Petersburg and Boynton Beach, we serve both coasts of the Sunshine State. We have installation crews throughout South Florida, including Tampa, Port St. Lucie, Stewart, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Miami, and Weston.

We are the proud exclusive installers of Paradise Platinum Series impact windows. These windows are the only ones of their kind to win multiple Energy Star Awards for Energy Efficiency and also hold an endorsement from the National Crime Prevention Council for their home security benefits. 

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South Florida Impact window installation

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Why Choose Impact Windows? 

Hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand the common threats associated with severe storm activity in the State of Florida. From water to high winds and large debris, they will continue to protect your home even if they are broken. Instead of shattering, the glass remains held together by an adhesive layer that continues to resist the elements. 

Unlike other hurricane protection options, impact windows also do not require any setup, teardown, or maintenance. This provides you plenty of valuable time to prepare for an approaching storm; whether evacuating or sheltering in place. 

With a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, impact windows can also maintain the existing beauty of your home while outfitting it for greater storm resistance. They are a popular choice, especially in communities where a home’s exterior appearance is subject to HOA standards. 

Paradise Platinum Series windows are custom-sized to your home’s existing openings, which means that no demolition, new construction, or renovation is required. You can choose from a variety of styles such as:

  • Double-hung and single-hung windows
  • Horizontal-sliding windows
  • Casement windows
  • Picture windows
  • Awning windows
  • Custom-shaped windows 

Beyond hurricane protection and their aesthetic appeal, impact windows also offer a variety of other benefits. First, their shatter resistance provides a superior level of home security and can resist break-in attempts where a burglar may attempt to shatter the glass to try to enter your home. Instead, the windows will remain intact and deter potential intruders. 

Impact windows also help create a more comfortable indoor living environment. Their advanced sealing technology prevents cold air from leaking outside, creating a more stable temperature and resulting in less strain on your air conditioning system. This improved energy efficiency has resulted in savings of up to 31% on many of our customers’ electric bills! 

Lastly, but certainly not least important, Paradise Platinum windows can reduce the amount of outside noise that enters your home. Enjoy a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment where you can relax and sleep with fewer disturbances from outside. 

Cost of Impact Windows and Financing

The cost of installing impact windows is not universal and is customized to each project. Depending on your needs, the final cost will be largely determined by the size and quantity of the windows in your home. During your initial estimate appointment, one of our installation specialists will provide you with a custom quote specific to your property. 

Investing in protecting your home with impact windows is a major decision for many. That is why we proudly work with the most respected financial institutions in the home improvement industry to help reduce your monthly costs. Some homeowners that finance Paradise Platinum windows can defer their first payment by up to one year! 

Impact Window Installation for Your South Florida Home 

Are you ready to better protect your home against the destructive threats of hurricanes? If so, we are eager to help you with prompt, professional, and thorough service. 

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