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Putting The Win In Windows

Everyone knows there is more to a window than panes and glass. A natural conduit for light to enter a space, a window can oftentimes become the focal point of a room. Using the natural light to your advantage leaves affords hundreds of options for you to take that light and make it your own. Here are a few ways…Read Full Article

Winter Is Coming…

With winter fast approaching, there are several steps you can take to protect your home against the ravages of the season. If you’re watching the weather along with your wallet, these tips will keep you warm while the outside freezes over. Weather Stripping: Worn weather stripping can act as the pivotal crack in your home’s armor. By allowing heat to…Read Full Article

How to Maintain Your Generator

Winter is coming, and precious power is all that stands between you and the winter cold. When the snow starts to fall, and those delicate power lines start to carry the weight of the seasons, what will you do when the cables give out? It’s not uncommon for power to go out during a heavy snow or storm, and keeping…Read Full Article

Five Biggest Blizzards

You cannot measure the destructive force of a snowstorm in inches of powder. Though piles of snow are sure to get attention regardless of where they fall, oftentimes it’s the storms that settle over urban areas, or that mesh with other weather patterns that bring about those apocalyptic visions of swirling white. Below are the five times in history that winter…Read Full Article

Winter Weather Checklist

With the upcoming winter season upon us, there is always more to do to defend yourself from the swirling winds and bitter cold. There are key items, important to any household, that must be accounted for and stocked before the heaviest snow starts to fall. Because when the weather starts to be frightful, wholesalers are delightful to see the droves…Read Full Article

The Most Powerful Hurricanes

There are few forces of nature as furious as a hurricane. The largest storm system ever, hurricanes are so large, few know their iconic spin is created by the slow rotation of the planet. Classified by the power of their wind, the strongest hurricanes can clock speeds of over 150 miles-per-hour. The untold destruction hurricanes can visit on populated areas is…Read Full Article

The 5 Categories of Hurricanes & What to Expect

The Saffir-Simpson scale for categorizing hurricanes by wind strength was developed in 1971 by Robert Simpson, a meteorologist, and Herbert Saffir, a civil engineer. Simpson and Saffir recognized the need for a better system through which to communicate the magnitude of impending storms to the public, and their solution was to sort hurricanes into 5 categories based on wind strength, and, thus, potential…Read Full Article

3 Types of Damaging Winds to Watch Out For

An under-discussed aspect of extreme weather events is the severe damage that accompanying storm winds can cause to both your land and your property. At a high enough speed, wind can uproot trees, destroy mobile homes and even rip the rooftops off of structures. The following are 3 specific kinds of damaging winds that you should know about if you…Read Full Article

The Dangers of Lightning: What You Need to Know

While we mostly focus on larger weather events, like hurricanes, on this blog, this month we thought it was important to discuss how to be prepared for another dangerous kind of weather event that happens much more frequently: the Thunderstorm. Thunderstorms can occur in isolation, as clusters or in lines. They are typified by a period of rain in one…Read Full Article

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