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Therma-Tru Door Collections

Therma-Tru, the leader in the fiberglass door industry, in which Paradise Exteriors is a direct dealer, offers a plethora of different styles for entry doors.  The entry door, the front door to a home can be a big statement.  It’s the entry-way into a house, setting the tone for the rest of the home.  The entry door is like the…Read Full Article

More Therma-Tru Styles

As mentioned previously, Paradise Exteriors are direct dealers of their products and the doors they use are from Therma-tru. Therma-tru offers 10 different styles of fiberglass entry doors. Last month we mentioned the Classic-Craft American Style and Classic Craft Rustic. The Classic-Craft Mahogany entry doors are a little more elegant and have a look of deep, rich Mahogany but they…Read Full Article

Classic-Craft Canvas Collection

Classic-Craft Canvas are the new, hot, in-style entrances offered by Therma-Tru, which Paradise Exteriors will install for you.   The Classic-Craft Canvas Collection is the first premium, smooth fiberglass door to carry the Therma-Tru brand name.  The brand for the design is beauty, smoothness, and ease of adapting to a home.  The doors feature wide center panels with rich details that…Read Full Article

Fiber Classic Entry Doors

Moving past the six different Classic-Craft style of Therma-Tru entry doors, there are two different types of Fiber Classic entry doors: Mahogany and Oak. The Fiber-Classic Mahogany Collection is a timeless style. Mahogany has a darker, richer looks in the wood. The dark grain creates a cohesive exteriors look. There are two door heights to choose from: 6 feet and…Read Full Article

Smooth-Star and Fire-Rated

The Smooth-Star entry door is the only one in it’s collection, offering a door with a little more depth to it.  This door is stylish, and made of rugged compression-molded fiberglass with details panels.  The design creates beautiful shadows on the doors surface.  It resists dents from average, day-to-day traffic and will never rust or corrode no matter what weather…Read Full Article

Door Portfolio

Get a taste for some of our work:   If you need more info on our South Florida Door Portfolio, call Paradise Exteriors, LLC at 561-732-0300, or fill out our online request form.

Therma-Tru Doors

  If you need more info on Therma-Tru Doors in South Florida, call Paradise Exteriors, LLC at 561-732-0300, or fill out our online request form.

How to Hire a Heating and Cooling Contractor

We’re going to take a break from doors and provide some helpful tips to hire a heating and cooling contractor: Study: Find out the license and insurance requirements for contractors in your state.  Prior to calling a contractor, understand the model of your current system and its maintenance history.  Make note of any uncomfortable rooms to help potential contractors understand…Read Full Article

Fiberglass Product Reliability and Durability

Fiberglass windows and doors are typically assembled in factories that utilize chemically-welded or bonded assemblies. These types of assemblies provide a high degree of quality, reliability and consistency. Fiberglass and heat: Have you ever worn a black shirt on a summer day and literally felt the heat? Dark colors absorb heat. Prolonged heat buildup can cause exterior building products to…Read Full Article

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