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Winter Weather Checklist

With the upcoming winter season upon us, there is always more to do to defend yourself from the swirling winds and bitter cold. There are key items, important to any household, that must be accounted for and stocked before the heaviest snow starts to fall. Because when the weather starts to be frightful, wholesalers are delightful to see the droves of shoppers swipe their shelves clean. Below are a few essentials that you’ll want to be sure you have before the stores run out.

Winter Weather ChecklistFood: Though to some this may seem like a no-brainer, food is important when facing a potentially long winter. Not just because we need it to survive, but specific foods that don’t require power to prepare always come in handy during a blackout. Additionally, making sure your pets have a stock of food can keep your furry friends fed and happy alongside the rest of the family.

General Supplies: Along with food, you’ll want to be sure and have a stock of disposable cookware. In the event of power loss, having the means to enjoy your food without filling the sink with dirty dishes is a blessing. Being sure to keep fresh batteries alongside your flashlight is also an excellent idea for those dark winter nights.

Outside The Home: With the inside well-stocked and safe, you can turn your attention to outside your home. If you have a drive or walkway, be sure to get salt in-case of ice or abundant snowfall. Though the house may be without power, our workplaces rarely go down, and making sure snow doesn’t slow you down is important. Furthermore, be sure to check your tires before the roads belong to winter. Icy conditions and poor tired don’t make for good bed-fellows, so be sure you have plenty of tread to see you through the winter.


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