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Ygrene Financing for Impact Windows: Top 7 Benefits

Ygrene financing offers an affordable and flexible way for Florida homeowners to manage the costs of upgrading their home’s windows, doors, and roofs with modern hurricane protection alternatives. 

At Paradise Exteriors, we are proud to partner with Ygrene to offer accessible financing options for our customers. If you are considering installing stormproof roofing or hurricane-rated impact windows and doors at your home, here are some key benefits that Ygrene provides. 

Why Ygrene Financing? 

Ygrene partners with vetted contractors in Florida to provide home equity-based financing for green home energy projects. Their affordable financing options allow you to pay for certain improvements including energy-efficient windows and storm protection upgrades, such as hurricane impact windows and roof replacement, at low rates with an easy repayment structure. 

Paradise Exteriors a Ygrene Elite Contractor

Ygrene Elite Contractor

Paradise Exteriors is a select Ygrene Elite Contractor. As such, we are able to provide you with premium service for PACE financing that others cannot.

Benefits of Ygrene Financing 

1: Simple 3-Step Process 

Ygrene financing follows a simple 3-step process that is focused on creating the most convenient experience possible for the homeowner: 

  1. First, we can quickly check your eligibility for Ygrene Financing
  2. When your ready, we can obtain fast approval of your project financing 
  3. Once you are satisfied, Ygrene will pay the the upfront costs of your project 

2: Ygrene Only Works with Thoroughly Vetted Contractors 

Ygrene only authorizes independent contractors that are thoroughly vetted for their service quality and craftsmanship. This ensures that you receive the best possible finished project for your investment in upgrading your home. 

Additionally, Ygrene does not issue payment to contractors until you are completely satisfied with the project’s outcome. This further protects your investment and prevents paying for any work that does not meet your expectations. 

3: Equity-Based, Not Credit Based 

Most home improvement financing entities consider a person’s credit history as the major deciding factor when determining eligibility and loan amounts. Instead, Ygrene focuses primarily on your home equity. 

Equity-based financing is a more accessible alternative to most credit-based options. With Ygrene, a minimum credit score is not required. 

4: Pay Even Later with ExtendPay 

Ygrene’s ExtendPay option allows homeowners to defer payment for their hurricane impact glass installations by as much as one year later. This can provide you with additional time to pay off other expenses or plan for future payments before they begin, unlike the immediate bills issued by credit-based institutions. 

For ExtendPay financing, please note that, if your credit report will be pulled to determine eligibility for this optional feature. 

5: Annual Payments Instead of Monthly Payments?

Ygrene payments are completed annually with your property taxes instead of a separate monthly statement that is issued by a credit institution. This can result in less monthly bills in your mailbox and a more intuitive way to pay for your home improvement project. However, if you currently pay your property taxes monthly, you will likely continue to do so.

The reason you will continue to pay monthly if you currently do so, is because your mortgage company or mortgage processor is collecting your property taxes monthly, as a convenience, along with your mortgage payment. Your mortgage company then pays your annual property tax bill, on your behalf, once a year when it is due.

6: Flexible Payment Options

Ygrene offers borrowers 100% financing with fixed rates. Terms of 10 to up to 30 years are available depending on the desired service area and the lifespan of the home improvement. 

7: Financing Made Even Easier with Ygrene PACE 

Ygrene’s PACE financing program was designed to provide an even more accessible way for homeowners to upgrade their properties with impact windows and doors with low monthly payments. 

As with standard Ygrene financing, PACE considers your home equity as a primary deciding factor in determining eligibility. You can borrow against up to 20% of your home’s value without affecting your credit. 

Eligibility for PACE is mainly based on you being up-to-date on your mortgage and property taxes. If you have been meeting your mortgage obligations on time for the last 12 months and are up-to-date with your property taxes, you could qualify for a loan with a monthly payment as low as $89. 

PACE financing is also tax-deductible and does not issue any prepayment penalties, generating further value and savings for your home improvement project. 

Ygrene PACE is one of Many Options Available to finance your Roof or Impact Glass Installation

In addition to being a Ygrene Elite Contractor, Paradise Exteriors proudly offers multiple financing options to Florida residents. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home’s windows and doors with hurricane-rated impact glass or protect it with GAF stormproof roofing, we strive to make affording your home improvement project as simple and sensible as possible.

To learn more about financing your roof, window, or door installation with Ygrene, contact us today: 844-749-2121

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