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Paradise Platinum Series: By The Best impact window company in South Florida

Paradise Exteriors is proud to be the exclusive installer of Paradise Platinum windows, the best impact windows in South Florida. Providing superior-grade protection for homeowners in the Sunshine State, these windows can also aid in reducing UV penetration, reduce air leakage, and improve your home’s energy efficiency. 

The Best Impact Windows in South Florida

Paradise Platinum
Paradise Platinum

100% USA-Made Hurricane Impact Windows

All Paradise Platinum windows are manufactured in the United States by Soft-Lite Windows. Each window satisfies or exceeds rigorous testing requirements to provide your home with the most complete hurricane protection possible. 

The Only Impact Windows Recognized by the National Crime Prevention Council

Paradise Platinum windows boast the unique distinction of being the only storm window recognized by the National Crime Prevention Council. Due to their robust construction, these windows can withstand impacts from common instruments that burglars might use to attempt to enter a home. This provides home window security that can deter potential robberies from occurring. 

Made In America

Made in the USA

National Crime Prevention Council

The Only Impact Windows Recognized by the National Crime Prevention Council

National Crime Prevention Council

The Only Impact Windows Endorsed by the National Crime Prevention Council

Save 31% Off of Your Electric Bill 

Electric bills can skyrocket during hot Florida summers. Compared to traditional glass windows, Paradise Platinum windows offer energy efficiency with superior sealing, which drastically reduces the amount of cool air that can leak out of your home’s interior. Adding Paradise Platinum impact windows to your home can save as much as 31% off of your monthly energy costs!

Double Life of Ownership Warranty

Backed by and industry-leading Double Life of Ownership Warranty. Paradise Platinum Series windows are under warranty for as long as you own your home, plus the warranty is transferrable and will also provide coverage for as long as the next person owns the home. In addition the warranty is non-prorated. This means your coverage never diminishes, you always get 100% coverage! 

Design Specifications 

Paradise Platinum windows are designed specifically to meet the thermal performance needs of Florida homes. Each window contains three glass panes as well as a protective 0.090” laminated layer for robust protection against severe weather events. 

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Why Choose Paradise Platinum Windows? 

The Best Impact Windows Award-Winning Quality 

Soft-Lite windows have earned decades-worth of awards, recognition, and achievements as a result of a firm commitment to quality craftsmanship and energy efficiency. Their windows have received honors from major organizations and publications, such as EnergyStar, the National Crime Prevention Council, International Hurricane Protection Association, Window & Door’s top 100 Manufacturers List, the Better Business Bureau, and many more. 

Customized to Your Home 

Paradise platinum glass and frames can be custom-sized to your home’s existing openings. This saves on installation costs and also maintains your home’s current aesthetic. Enjoy the added benefits of impact windows without having to compromise the beauty of your living space. 

No Maintenance Required 

Paradise Platinum windows can be opened and closed like any traditional glass window with the added benefit of requiring zero maintenance. Hurricane impact windows also do not require setup or teardown time as with other storm protection options. 

Superior Structural Integrity 

Paradise Platinum windows are Gold Label Certified by the National Accreditation & Management Institute for their structural design performance. This means that our windows have been tested by independent laboratories to ensure that they remain compliant with highly strict standards. 

Minimal Air Leakage

Traditional double-hung, wood-framed windows leak air 23 times more than Paradise Platinum windows. Reduced air leakage can maintain a more stable indoor living environment as well as help improve energy efficiency for your home. 

More Peaceful Living Environment

Hurricane impact windows also help lessen the amount of noise pollution that enters your home. Enjoy a more relaxing environment without outside sounds disrupting your peace and quiet by having impact window glass reduce noise.

Best Impact Windows South Florida

Named Energy Star Partner of the Year 9-Years in a Row!

A Wealth of Window Styles for Your Dream Design 

Paradise Platinum windows and frames can be configured to match your ideal design and functionality. Available window styles include: 

  • Double-Hung
  • Single-Hung
  • Horizontal-Sliding
  • Casement
  • Picture
  • Awning
  • Shaped Window
  • And More! 

Made in the USA Quality Since 1935

Manufactured in Streetsboro, Ohio

Complete Window Service for Florida Homeowners

Our team at Paradise Exteriors strives to provide holistic, individualized service to homeowners in the Sunshine State through all steps of the installation process. Starting with a free estimate, we also provide assistance with design planning and obtaining HOA approval and building permits. Once we have installed your new windows, we will be present with you during the entire inspection process to answer any questions that arise. We are not satisfied with the project until you give it your stamp of approval. 

Financing and Warranty Information 

Financing allows homeowners to experience the benefits of Paradise Platinum windows without paying larger upfront costs. Through our trusted partners, we are proud to offer competitive financing to our customers along with discounted dealer-direct pricing. Payments do not begin until one year after installation has been completed. 

We also offer a wealth of generous warranties to our customers. These include a Manufacturer’s Double LIfe of Ownership Warranty, Lifetime Labor Warranty, and Accidental Glass Breakage Warranty. We also provide a 15-year warranty against leaks through OSI. Ensure the long-term health of your windows without having to shoulder the costs!

Upgrade Your Windows to Paradise Platinum Today 

Invest in your home’s long-term protection by upgrading to Paradise Platinum windows. To get started on your own project, schedule your free estimate today or contact us at any time for more information. 

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