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Impact Glass for Home Window Security

While many homeowners install active protection measures like video doorbells, surveillance cameras, and motion-sensing lights, there are many other passive options that continuously protect your home without you having to pay them a second thought. Chief among these is the home window security you get from hurricane impact windows. 

Thanks to its reinforced construction and ultra resilient glass interlayer, impact-resistant glass provides sturdier protection from both storm threats and common instruments burglars might use to break-in to a home. It is not uncommon for individuals to attempt to break into evacuated homes during or after a hurricane to steal valuable belongings. 

At Paradise Exteriors, we are the exclusive installers of Paradise Platinum hurricane impact windows - the only ones endorsed by the National Crime Prevention Council for helping to take-a-bite-out-of-crime. Their robust construction resists breakage attempts and deters criminal activity from impacting your livelihood when you are at home or away. 

How Paradise Platinum Windows Resist Break-in Attempts 

From wind-borne debris during a hurricane to a handheld bludgeoning instrument, traditional glass windows can shatter with relatively little force. This makes them vulnerable points of entry to your home for a variety of threats that could compromise its security. 

Unlike standard window glass, hurricane impact windows are able to offer better home security thanks in large part to their shatter resistance. They are constructed in a similar fashion to a car windshield. This means that, though they may break with enough force, the glass remains held together and does not fall from its frame in shards. 

Paradise Platinum windows are also able to inherently withstand greater impacts than traditional windows without breaking. Where a large tree branch may easily break through standard glass during a storm, Paradise Platinum glass has a much higher chance of holding strong and preventing the debris from breaking through the surface. 

Each Paradise Platinum window is constructed with two panes of tempered glass along with an adhesive middle layer that prevents shattering. This equips your home with multiple lines of defense for each window. 

The glass is also housed in sturdy aluminum frames that are paired with superior sealing technology to prevent wind and water from breaching your interior during storm activity. The seals also aid in better interior thermal control and the added energy efficiency can also lead to significant savings for your monthly utility bills. 

A Maintenance-Free Solution for Passive Home Security

Passive home security refers to protection measures that are always ready to protect your home without any human operation. Unlike other hurricane window protection solutions, impact windows do not require any setup or teardown and are installed year-round. 

Paradise Platinum windows also do not require any ongoing maintenance. Beyond an optional occasional cleaning, you do not have to worry about frequent upkeep or replacements if a glass pane is not broken. 

Whether in the midst of a hurricane or not, there are many actions responsible homeowners take each day to protect their property. From locking doors at night to turning on an alarm system or interacting with visitors using a video doorbell, impact windows are a natural extension to your home security setup.

Home Window Security

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Common Questions About Home Window Security and Impact Glass

Do I need Impact Glass Windows For Security if I Already Have an Alarm?

There are important differences in the protection you get from impact glass windows, as compared to an alarm system. An alarm system cannot actually stop a burglar from breaking in. Really all it can do is make a loud sound in hopes of scaring off the intruder. If the alarm system is tied to a monitoring service, they can call the police. However, after a storm when phone and power lines may be down, and police may seem less likely to respond as they normally would, the deterrent effect of the alarm may not be enough to scare off the burglar.

If My Impact Window is Broken, Do I Have to Pay to Have it Replaced? 

Paradise Platinum windows offer some of the most generous warranty options in the industry. Depending on your warranty, you may qualify for a full replacement without any additional charges if one of your windows is broken accidentally.

I Like the Look of My Home. Will Impact Windows Alter the Appearance? 

Paradise Platinum replacement windows and frames are custom-sized to your home’s existing openings - requiring no new construction or demolition. Our installers will remove your standard windows and frames from the opening and replace them. We also offer standard and custom-shaped window styles along with a broad range of colors to ensure your home’s original aesthetic remains intact. 

Do I Need Any Special Instructions to Open and Close These Windows? 

No extra training or instructions are required to use Paradise Platinum windows! Our frames operate much like any other traditional window frame, relative to the window style, with the added benefit of superior protection. 

Will My HOA Approve These Windows? 

Paradise Platinum products are designed to be as HOA compliant as possible for window replacement projects. We can match almost any grid style and will work with you to obtain the necessary HOA approval from your community’s governing body so that you can upgrade your home security with confidence. 

How Long Does Installation Take? 

Once permits and HOA approval is obtained, the wait-time usually takes around 6-12 weeks. For most homes, we are able to complete the replacement installation within a full business day. 

A typical installation project follows this timeline: 

  • Free estimate 
  • Quote and price approval
  • Permitting and HOA approval 
  • New windows are fabricated and delivered to our headquarters
  • Window installation 
  • Final inspections

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade My Windows? 

Each home’s window replacement needs vary. Keeping this in mind, every quote we provide is unique to your property and the size and number of windows. We generally recommend that you replace all of your windows at the same time so that your home remains completely secured. 

We also offer financing options for your window replacement project through multiple leading lenders in the home improvement industry. This prevents large upfront costs and removes financial barriers for many homeowners who seek to enhance their home security. 

Get Paradise Platinum Windows for Your Home Today 

We value your home window security as much as you do. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and protected in their living space. 

At Paradise Exteriors, we proudly provide Paradise Platinum windows to homes throughout South Florida along the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast, and the central interior. With offices in Boynton Beach and St. Petersburg, we are able to easily provide all South Florida residents with timely and courteous service. 

To learn more about how you can enhance your home’s window security by upgrading to Paradise Platinum, contact us today to speak with a member of our professional team: 844-749-2121

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