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Why South Florida Windows and Doors Should Be Impact-Resistant

Whether you're a new, longtime, or part-time Floridian, you know that severe weather can happen during any season. That's why protecting your South Florida windows and doors is essential. With hurricane-rated windows and doors, you can rest assured that your home is protected against the elements without ever having to perform any setups, teardowns, or ongoing maintenance.

When a storm hits, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your windows and doors will hold up. With impact-resistant windows and doors, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

How Impact-Resistant Windows Work

Impact-resistant windows are designed to withstand high winds and flying debris associated with tropical storms and hurricanes. The windows consist of two or more layers of glass that are sandwiched together with an incredibly strong polymer layer in the middle. This impact-glass is installed in a heavy-duty reinforced frame.

Impact-resistant windows and doors are also required to meet certain pressure ratings in order to be certified in Florida. Impact-glass is impact tested by firing a long 9-pound wood 2x4 from a cannon, it is flying at 50 feet per second when it hits the glass. To be approved, the glass must sustain the impact and the 2x4 must be stopped by the glass without it going through. The window frame must also be strong enough to hold the glass in place.

Window replacement with impact windows

Some impact windows are energy efficient. Energy efficient impact-windows have a third piece of glass on the outside, to make them thermo-insulated. The gap between the impact-glass and the third piece of glass may be filled with argon gas to make the window even more efficient. The outer piece of glass may have low-e added, to also block the radiant heat from the sun. This can make a huge difference in your electric bill.

Impact-resistant windows also offer additional benefits to Florida homeowners such as:

  • Reduced outside noise
  • Improved home security
  • UV light filtering
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Lower insurance rates
impact glass illustration

If you decide to upgrade your windows, your replacements will be custom-sized to your current openings. This saves on installation costs by avoiding many of the expenses associated with additional renovations to accommodate pre-sized solutions.

Many of our customers that choose to install Paradise Platinum Series impact-resistant windows can save up to 31% on their monthly electric bill.2 How is this possible?

Impact-resistant windows feature superior sealing technology to protect your interior against wind and water intrusion. These same seals also reduce air leakage. During the warmer months, this places less strain on your cooling systems to maintain a comfortable indoor air temperature while using less electricity to do so. Those savings are then transferred directly to your monthly utility bills.

South Florida windows and doors

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How About Hurricane Doors?

All impact-resistant doors are not created equal. The key to their strength and durability lies in the materials used and how they're constructed.

The most impact-resistant sliding glass doors will either have an aluminum frame or an aluminum reinforced vinyl frame. Premium vinyl framed doors generally last longer than aluminum frame doors and will usually have a longer warranty. Also vinyl is more energy efficient than aluminum alone, because aluminum conducts heat.

Another type of impact-resistant door is the fiberglass-reinforced door. These doors are usually hinged doors. They can be configured as front entry doors or French doors. Some fiberglass front entry doors are stainable like wood doors would be. However, unlike wood doors, fiberglass doors will never rot or swell in the humidity. These doors may be reinforced on the inside with either aluminum or steel. Fiberglass, like vinyl, is very long lasting and can be insulated for added energy efficiency.

Impact-resistant doors can also be custom sized-and styled to nearly any aesthetic preference and can also be custom-painted later to match your personal tastes. For homeowners living in one of Florida's many communities governed by homeowners associations (HOAs), these doors can easily maintain your home's original look while satisfying your HOA's standards.

Hurricane Impact door

Financing for Your New Florida Windows and Doors

If you're a Florida homeowner considering upgrading to impact-resistant windows and doors, you may be wondering about the cost.

The price of your new windows and doors will depend on several factors, including the size of your openings, the type of windows and doors you choose, and the exact quantity of them. 

The good news is that there are many financing options available to help make your dream of impact-resistant windows and doors a reality. We partner with the home improvement industry's top lending organizations to offer monthly rates that better suit your budget. You can even defer your first payment by up to one year!

Get New Windows and Doors for Your South Florida Home 

At Paradise Exteriors, we are the proud exclusive installers of Paradise Platinum Series windows - the only ones to hold both multiple Energy Star Awards and an official endorsement from the National Crime Prevention Council. We install Paradise Platinum and custom hurricane impact doors throughout all of South Florida from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic. 

To learn more about how we can help you better protect your home, schedule your free estimate with us today. 

2 On average when replacing single-pane windows with EnergyStar rated windows in Florida; see for more information.

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