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South Florida Impact Window Installation

South Florida experiences some of the most frequent and severe hurricane events in the United States. When these storms approach your neighborhood, are your windows properly protected from winds, water, and flying debris?  Our team at Paradise Exteriors provides impact window installation for South Florida residents along the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Coast and almost anywhere in between.

Exclusive Installer of Paradise Platinum Windows

We are the proud exclusive installer of Paradise Platinum windows - the only hurricane window glass endorsed by the National Crime Prevention Council for helping to take a "bite" out of crime. Paradise Platinum windows are also Energy Star Award recipients for their superior energy efficiency and quality.

Benefits of Installing Hurricane Window Glass in Your Home

Better Hurricane Protection

One of the main benefits of installing hurricane window glass is that it can better protect your home from hurricane damage. We offer impact windows with the highest hurricane rating available in Florida. In a high-wind situation, the windows are designed to withstand the storm without being penetrated by flying debris getting blown in. This can obviously make a huge difference in the amount of damage caused to your home.

No Maintenance or Storage Needed

Unlike other hurricane protection options, you don't have to worry about setup, teardown, or maintenance with hurricane window glass. Once they're installed, they remain a permanent protective fixture and can help provide peace of mind during any time of year.

Another benefit of hurricane window glass is that you don't have to worry about where to store it. Once installed, they provide a constant layer of superior protection for your home's interior.

Improve Your Home's Beauty

Hurricane window glass maintains the aesthetic of your home, and can certainly enhance it. Unlike shutters, which can often become an eyesore once installed, hurricane window glass is practically indistinguishable from regular windows. This helps to maintain the overall look of your home both during and after a storm.

Additionally, hurricane window glass can be cut and sized to any opening in the home, thus reducing installation costs. They can also be configured to a variety of different styles, ranging from large bay windows to small portrait windows.

window replacement with hurricane impact windows

Better Energy Efficiency and Comfort

In addition to the other benefits, hurricane window glass can help to lower your home energy costs. By keeping the warm air in during winter and the cool air in during summer, you can save over 30% off your energy bills!2

Hurricane windows also provide comfort benefits not found in other solutions. The glass innately reduces environmental noise from outside your home as well as filters any UV rays that could otherwise damage fabrics and other surfaces inside the home. 

Enhanced Home Security

Hurricane windows are designed to withstand breakage from flying debris. They can also resist any object that a potential home intruder might use to smash a traditional glass pane. This provides home window security that deters burglaries and can help protect your home, family, and possessions from would-be dangers.

2 On average when replacing single-pane windows with EnergyStar rated windows in Florida; see for more information.

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The Impact Window Installation Process

Are you considering impact window installation for your own home? The process is simple and straightforward, and our team will assist you through each step.

  1. Schedule Your Free Estimate: We’ll examine your existing window sizes, determine the scope of the project, and review various options with you - resulting in an exact quote with projected costs and payment options. We recommend that you upgrade all windows of your home at the same time. 
  2. Window Measurement: Before beginning your installation project, our team will remeasure your current window openings. This process helps to ensure that your new hurricane window glass will satisfy the dimensional requirements for the project.
  3. Help with HOA Approval: If you live in an HOA-governed community, our dedicated HOA specialist will collaborate with your community's association to obtain the necessary approval to expedite this process and prevent any future conflicts once your installation has begun.
  4. Permitting Assistance: Our team of experienced specialists will submit your municipal permitting application on your behalf as well as obtain the proper authorization to begin the project.
  5. Installation of Windows: Once all HOA approval and permitting requirements are satisfied, we will typically begin the installation within one week. This provides you enough time to arrange to be at your home during the project. In most cases, we complete new installations within a single day.
  6. Final Inspection: Your local building inspector will review your new installation with one of our technicians in attendance. We also provide our customers ample time to review the work as well.
  7. Followup Service (if Necessary): There may be instances where you might need to replace one or multiple panes, such as after a severe storm. We can perform followup services as needed, and your warranty may even cover the costs completely.

Ready to Get Started? 

Are you considering investing in upgrading your home window protection? If so, we are here to provide you with the industry’s highest-quality hurricane proof glass. To speak with someone from the Paradise Exteriors team, contact us today for a Free Quote to learn more.

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