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South Florida Window Replacement Solutions

At Paradise Exteriors, we’re the proud exclusive installers of Paradise Platinum Series hurricane impact windows - the leading window replacement option to protect your home from severe weather.  

Why Replace Your Windows with Impact Windows? 

A hurricane can cause severe destruction to anything it touches, and South Florida homeowners often experience the most intense hurricane activity in the entire United States. 

Having hurricane impact windows installed can help protect against the force of the powerful winds, high pressures and the flying debris that a storm brings. With frames made from a special type of vinyl material reinforced with aluminum inside the frames, these windows are designed to withstand extremely strong pressures. This eliminates the need for shutters or plywood coverings and saves you time and money in preparation for a looming storm. 

The laminated glass is constructed with superior technology compared to traditional window glass. With impact resistance, the glass itself is designed and tested to remain intact, even if struck by hurricane force wind-born debris.

Here are some other reasons why homeowners in South Florida choose Paradise Platinum for replacement windows

No New Construction or Demolition is Required for Window Replacement

Paradise Platinum windows are custom-sized to your home’s existing openings. This feature allows our team to quickly and seamlessly install your replacement windows with minimal downtime. Most projects are able to be completed within a single day.

HOA-Friendly Design 

Our hurricane impact windows are designed to fully comply with the Florida Building Code and feature multiple styles to choose from. If you live in one of Florida’s many communities governed by a homeowners association (HOA), you can still install new windows while retaining your home’s original appearance. 

From single and double-hung windows to sliding options and custom shapes, view our full list of window styles

Window Replacement

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Generous Window Replacement Financing and Warranties

Investing in your home’s hurricane protection shouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet. We understand that, which is why we work with the leading lending organizations in the home improvement industry to offer you customer-friendly financing options. Your first payment could be deferred by up to one full year from the date of installation! 

If anything happens to your windows after the installation, your warranty will cover replacement parts and service throughout its entire duration. This helps maintain your home’s security against severe weather without forcing you to cover these costs out-of-pocket. 

Peace of Mind in a Chaotic Time 

No one enjoys preparing for hurricanes. Beyond constantly monitoring weather conditions, checking for updates from local authorities, and gathering essential supplies, why add preparing your windows to this list? 

Unlike plywood boards or metal shutters, hurricane impact windows are constantly protecting your home with no setup or teardown required. You can remove one time-consuming task from your to-do list when preparing for an approaching hurricane and trust that your home will remain defended against the elements. 

Unbeatable Cost Savings 

The Paradise Platinum Series has earned multiple Energy Star Awards for its unrivaled energy-efficient window design. Homeowners can save up to 31% on their electric bills each month thanks to their sealing technology.

When a home’s windows leak cold air, indoor temperatures become less stable. As a result, your heating and cooling systems exert more energy to maintain the desired temperature, which also leads to increased energy costs. Paradise Platinum stops air leakage in its tracks so you can enjoy a more comfortable home while generating savings each month.

window replacement

A Simple Window Replacement Installation Process

More than a few aspects of homeownership are complex and frustrating. We keep the process simple so that you can enjoy a superior window without having to stress over the small details. 

The installation process starts with a free estimate from our specialists. We’ll visit your property, ask you some questions about your home, measure your windows, and provide you with a personalized quote along with financing options. 

Once you’ve approved the budget, we’ll start working on creating your new windows. Each one is custom-sized to its intended opening in your home and fashioned into the style you desire. 

After we’ve finished creating your new windows, we’ll install them on the scheduled date! We will also gladly remain on site for any code or HOA inspections and answer any questions that are asked during the process. 

Other Great Reasons to Choose Paradise Platinum for Your Window Replacement

Home Burglary Prevention 

Hurricane impact windows are a smart extension of any home security system. When communities evacuate during a hurricane, burglars often attempt to break windows to enter homes and retrieve valuable items inside. Doing so also leaves your windows exposed in the aftermath. 

Paradise Platinum Series, officially recognized by the National Crime Prevention Council, are designed to resist shattering against blunt force impacts. This deters individuals who may try to enter your home so that you and your belongings remain safe inside. 

National Crime Prevention Council

Outdoor Noise Reduction 

Your home represents a personal getaway from all the noise in life. Why should everything happening outside intrude on your peace? 

Thanks to the sealing technology and robust construction of hurricane impact windows, outdoor noise is reduced or eliminated entirely. You can enjoy a quieter night’s sleep or a calmer afternoon relaxing by yourself or with your family. 

UV Light Filtering 

Beyond causing sunburn, UV light destroys fabrics and hard surfaces in homes. No one wants faded furniture, dulled fabrics, or discolored spots on their walls. 

Hurricane impact windows filter UV light to protect delicate materials inside your home. This can also further assist in maintaining a cooler and more comfortable temperature inside so that you can fully benefit from living in the Sunshine State. 

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