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Are Your Windows Leaking Cold Air?

Put an End to It!

Why try to reduce windows leaking cold air? Florida experiences some of the greatest year-round weather in the United States. However, the Sunshine State is also known for days of high humidity and extreme temperatures. 

Especially during the summer months, air conditioning is vital for maintaining a comfortable home. When it leaks through the openings in your home, such as drafty windows and doors, this can disrupt that comfort and also result in other drawbacks, such as higher utility bills. 

Unlike traditional windows, our EnergyStar rated hurricane impact windows feature superior sealing and thermal control, which helps boost your home’s energy efficiency. 

In fact, our Paradise Platinum Series windows are 15X more airtight than the industry standard and have earned multiple Energy Star Awards for their energy efficiency-increasing properties. By upgrading your home’s hurricane defenses, you can also create a more comfortable indoor environment that generates noticeable savings on your monthly utility bills.

Windows leaking cold air

How To Reduce Windows Leaking Cold Air? 

Hurricane impact windows are constructed with sturdier glass materials to resist severe hurricane forces, such as water, wind, and large debris. To help prevent wind and water from breaching your home’s interior, they are also outfitted with superior sealing technology that creates a tighter closure. 

Homeowners that upgrade to Paradise Platinum windows can lower their electric bill by reducing air leakage 15X more than with standard windows. This helps to ensure that your indoors remain as cool as you like for as long as your air conditioner is running. 

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Save Up to 31% on Your Monthly Electric Bill

Our customers report saving up to 31% on their electricity bills1 when upgrading to Paradise Platinum Series windows. This can generate significant savings, especially during times of the year when your cooling system is running for nearly the entire day. 

When cold air is leaking through the window, it also invites warmer air to take its place. This creates greater strain on your air conditioning system as it uses more power to effectively cool your living space, which results in higher energy costs. 

These costs can become exacerbated during times where you are away from home but still running your air conditioning. For example, if you are someone who leaves their house empty for hours each day while working, your air conditioner could still be running at a higher output to replace the leaked air. While you are not even home to enjoy the cool air, your bills are quickly adding up! 

Thanks to hurricane impact windows’ thermal control properties, the air leakage is reduced significantly. This allows your cooling system to operate with far lower energy consumption which translates to direct savings on your monthly utility expenses. 

windows leaking cold air

A Complete Protection Solution for Your Florida Home 

Beyond enhancing putting an end to your windows leaking cold air, and generating savings on your monthly energy expenses, hurricane impact windows can also provide other means of protection and comfort, such as: 

  • Maintenance and setup-free hurricane protection 
  • HOA and building code-compliant design 
  • Custom-sized to your home’s existing openings 
  • Variety of traditional and modern colors and styles 
  • UV filtering and outdoor sound-dampening 
  • Break-in resistance for greater home security 

When you are ready to upgrade to hurricane impact windows, we also offer a generous range of customer-focused financing options through the leading lenders in the home improvement industry. Depending on the option that you choose, you could defer payments for up to 1 year after the date of installation! 

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With offices on both Gulf and Atlantic coasts, our team at Paradise Exteriors is the proud exclusive installer of Paradise Platinum Series windows for homeowners throughout all of South Florida. We are committed to outfitting your home with the most complete and thorough hurricane protection features possible, which also include hurricane-rated doors and roofing systems. 

To start your own home improvement project, contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

1 On average when replacing single-pane windows with EnergyStar rated windows in Florida; see for more information.

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