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Built on traditions of masterful craftsmanship combined with innovative modern technology, the Plastpro Fiberglass Entry Doors are the most sophisticated means of protecting your home’s entryways on the market today.  

At Paradise Exteriors, we are a Plastpro Dealer and proud to be the region’s top installer of Plastpro door systems for residential homeowners. With a seemingly endless combination of aesthetic styles to choose from, you can enjoy a high-performance door that retains the existing appearance of your home or introduces a new look that you’ve always wanted for your door.

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The Plastpro Difference:

The Highest Product Quality Standards

Plastpro implements a total vertical integration in their manufacturing, ensuring that every aspect is closely overseen and held to the highest quality standards, from the initial raw materials to a finished product. Product development is backed by extensive research and using the latest technology advancements in the door-making profession.

Superior Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Plastpro is a proud Partner in the U.S. Energy Star Program. Their products are designed to satisfy Energy Star standards for efficiency and conservation. Plastpro is also a Built Green Member, meaning they are designed to positively impact the environment by using highly sustainable materials that also result in a cost-effective alternative for customers. 

Unbeatable Manufacturer’s Warranties

Plastpro offers a wealth of generous manufacturer-sponsored warranties. If you experience any issues with your doors after installation, their warranties are designed to protect you from additional out-of-pocket expenses. 

Plastpro Features

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Door Skins: The compression-molded skins prevent splintering, warping, denting, rotting, and rusting. They can be easily stained, painted, and cleaned without issue. 
  • Full-Length Composite Stiles: The composite stiles are a complete waterproofing solution for the door’s insulation with double the screw-holding power typical in traditional wooden doors. The doors will never splinter or delaminate. 
  • Composite Top and Bottom Rails: The high-strength rails lock out moisture from breaching the door and accommodate a wide range of door sweeps. 
  • Patented HydroShield Technology: Proprietary seals create a complete defense against water infiltration on all six sides of the door to prevent damage, degradation, and the build-up of mold and mildew. 
  • Snap-On Doorlite Frames: The exclusive BTHP Snap-On Frames use a series of unique clips that hold glass elements tightly in place without unsightly screws or plugs for the most natural appearance possible. 
  • Extended Lockblock: The lockblock on Plastpro doors can accommodate a wide selection of door locks and hardware to be installed into the doors themselves.
  • Sustainable Foam Core: Plastpro’s proprietary polyurethane core complies with U.S. environmental standards and offers additional benefits such as enhanced soundproofing and insulation six times greater than a standard wooden door. 


Plastpro Doors

PLASTPRO PF™ DOOR FRAME with Hydroshield

Plastpro Doors

TRADITIONAL WOOD FRAME will rot and decay

Sustainable Foam Core 

Many fiberglass door manufacturers use foam cores that are not environmentally sound nor are they sustainable. Plastpro uses an advanced, proprietary polyurethane core that complies with U.S. environmental standards. The core also provides additional benefits such as enhanced soundproofing and a level of insulation six times greater than a standard wooden door. 

PF™ Door Frames

Plastpro’s PF™ Door Frames introduce an innovative alternative to wooden door jambs of the past. The poly-fiber door frame combines the robustness and aesthetics of high-quality wood with superior resistance to moisture, rot, and insect infestation. 

Using PF™ Door Frames results in the following benefits: 

  • No moisture wicking
  • Warp, splinter, and rot-free design
  • Double the screw-holding power
  • Customizable lengths and widths

Plastpro HVHZ Series 

For regions impacted by intense hurricane activity, the Plastpro High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) Impact Doors are specifically engineered to provide protection to your home’s entryways during a hurricane. They remain standing thanks to a unique patent-pending manufacturing process that involves placing a missile-proof shield built into the door without detracting from its appearance. 

No New Construction or Renovation Needed! 

Plastpro systems are designed to be customizable and integrated into your home’s existing openings. This erases the need for costly new constructions, demolitions, or renovations. Instead, your old system is simply removed and replaced with a new Plastpro-engineered design that enhances your home’s defenses without compromising on aesthetic appeal. 

Plastpro doors also make a fantastic option for South Florida homeowners that live in homeowners association (HOA)-governed communities. With the ability to replicate the look of existing doors, you can maintain a uniform appearance for your home’s exterior that satisfies your HOA guidelines. 

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With headquarters on both South Florida coasts, our team at Paradise Exteriors proudly serves the entire southern half of the Sunshine State with courteous and timely service and installation. To learn more about adding a Plastpro door system to your own home, contact us today to schedule a Free Quote.

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