French Doors

Have Strong, Stylish French Doors Installed at Your South Florida Home

Do you want new French doors as the gateway to your patio area but are concerned they might not hold up against a hurricane or severe storm? You won’t have to worry about this when you turn to Paradise Exteriors, because we install impact-resistant doors that can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them. As an experienced window and door company serving the South Florida area, we understand that many homeowners want to enjoy the warmth and sunshine but also have protection from hurricanes and intruders. With our French doors, you can have both.

Features of Our French Doors

The unique design of French doors allows you to enjoy views of the outdoors and makes the room feel larger. On a warm day, which is common in Florida, you can even swing your doors open to let in some fresh air. But, in an area susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms, you need the peace of mind that your home will remain protected, which is why we’ve chosen to install French doors from acclaimed manufacturer Custom Window Systems. These swinging doors are designed for exceptional durability, with features such as:

  • A structural performance rating that meets a Design Pressure (DP) of 70
  • Solid cellular PVC panels that provide maximum structural integrity
  • Corrosion resistant hinges
  • Handle-activated 5 or 6 point locking system for supreme security

Additionally, you’ll be able to customize multiple aspects of your doors, including frame color, grid style, glass color, and glass finish. Once you’ve reached a decision, Paradise Exteriors’ very own team of certified craftsmen –will expertly install your new doors.

Our goal is to continue to build on our quality reputation one customer at a time, and we’re excited to help you next. Contact Paradise Exteriors today to get started on having gorgeous new doors installed at your South Florida home.


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