Hurricane FAQ: Popular Questions About Hurricanes

Here are 50 of the most popular questions asked about Hurricanes

Hurricanes are both amazing and can also be terribly destructive without proper precautions, here are some of the most popular questions about hurricanes and links to resources.

When is hurricane season?
The Atlantic hurricane season is officially from June 1st to November 30th.

What is my chance of having a tropical storm or hurricane strike by each month?

What steps should I take when a hurricane watch/warning is posted?

What is it like to go through a hurricane? What are the early warning signs of an approaching hurricane?

What is a hurricane?
National Geographic Hurricanes
NOAA what are hurricanes
Nasa what are hurricanes
FLASH (Federal Alliance for Safe Homes)
Hurricane Definition

What are the hurricane categories?
Category 1 74-95 MPH Sustained Winds
Category 2 96-110 MPH Sustained Winds
Category 3 111-129 MPH Sustained Winds (Major)
Category 4 130-156 MPH Sustained Winds (Major)
Category 5 157 MPH or Higher Sustained Winds (Major)

Why hurricane categories make a difference?
Hurricane Winds Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

How to prepare for a hurricane?
Red Cross Prepare for a Hurricane
FLASH Prepare for a Hurricane

Should I tape my windows when a hurricane threatens?

More Popular Questions about Hurricanes

How to track a hurricane?
The best way to track a hurricane
National Hurricane Center
Tropical Atlantic Headquarters
The Weather Channel Hurricane Central
Hurricane City
7 Best Hurricane Tracker Apps for Smartphones
NOAA Radio Frequencies

How to choose hurricane window protection?

What have been the deadliest hurricanes for the use?

What have been the costliest tropical cyclones in the United States?

What have been the most intense hurricanes to strike the United States?

Which hurricanes have caused the most deaths and most damage?

What is the total United States damage (before and after adjustment for inflation) and death toll for each year since 1900?

What are some important dates in the history of hurricanes and hurricane research?

What hurricane has lasted the longest?

When did the earliest and latest hurricanes occur?

How many hurricanes have there been in each month?

Which months are the major hurricanes likely to strike different states?

How many direct hits by hurricanes of various categories have affected each state?

What is my chance of being struck by a tropical storm or hurricane?

How many hurricanes have there been each year in the Atlantic basin? What years were the greatest and fewest seen?

What was the largest number of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean at the same time?

What hurricanes have been at Category Five status the longest?

What is the difference between a hurricane, cyclone and a typhoon?

What is the difference between a hurricane and a tornado?

How does a hurricane form?

What is the eye of a hurricane?

What is the moat in a hurricane?

How do hurricanes get their name?

What are upcoming hurricane names?

How can I nominate a new name for a hurricane?

What is the origin of the word hurricane?

What is a storm surge?

What is a post-tropical cyclone?

What does ATCF stand for and how are tropical cyclones numbered?

What is the average speed of a hurricane?

How much does a hurricane weigh?
108 Billion Pounds

How might global warming change hurricanes intensity, frequency and rainfall?

Does anything good come from a hurricane?
5 Things Hurricanes Can Do That Are Actually Good

Why do tropical cyclones’ winds rotate counter-clockwise (clockwise) in the Northern (Southern) Hemisphere?

Which states are most vulnerable to Tropical Cyclone tornado outbreaks?

What percentage of Hurricanes spawn tornadoes?

How long after landfall are Tropical Cyclone tornadoes a threat?

What about Florida?

Florida gets the most hurricane strikes, does Florida also get a lot of Tropical Cyclone tornadoes?

Who are the “Hurricane Hunters” and what are they looking for?

What is it like to fly into a hurricane?

Is the National Hurricane Center open for tours to the public?

Can I get a seat on a hurricane flight?

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