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Best Window Glass to Reduce Noise

Paradise Platinum Series Hurricane Impact Windows

The Paradise Platinum series of hurricane-rated impact windows are the best window glass to reduce noise in your South Florida home. Beyond protection from intense storm activity, such as wind, water, and flying debris, they also can help create a more comfortable indoor environment for calmer and brighter days. 

Whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural community, outside noise can disrupt the peace and tranquility of your home. Due to traditional glass providing almost no insulation, standard windows allow almost all of the outside ambient noise from beyond your walls to reach your homes interior. 

Eliminate Outside Noise Using Hurricane Impact Windows

Outside noise can disrupt your peace and quiet for any number of reasons. Whether you’re trying to relax after a long day, finish some work at home, or want a better night’s sleep, you deserve to feel as calm and comfortable as possible where you live. Also, Studies have shown that children living in noisy homes often have impaired speech and trouble learning to read.

After installing Paradise Platinum windows in your home, you will notice a staggering difference in the reduced outside noise levels. Instead of having to deal with whatever sounds are happening outside your window, you can focus more on what you love doing at home. 

During a hurricane, these windows can also help reduce the sounds of high winds and flying debris. If you are permitted to shelter in place by local authorities, you can benefit from a peace of mind that your home is not only protected, but you do not have to hear as much of the otherwise distressing sounds of storm activity happening outside your walls. 

Best window glass to reduce noise

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The Complete Noise Reduction Solution for Any South Florida Home 

The Paradise Platinum series impact windows are an ideal solution for any residential property in the Sunshine State. 

The most obvious benefit is their ability to provide superior protection against the forces of a hurricane. They remain permanently at the ready to shield your home without the traditional setup and teardown processes associated with other hurricane protection options. 

Compared to other forms of protection, they are also relatively quick to install. After you have approved your quote for an installation project, your upgraded replacement windows are custom-sized to your home’s existing openings - requiring no new construction or demolition. 

Paradise Platinum windows are also available in a wide range of custom colors and styles. If you live in an HOA-governed community in South Florida, you can easily maintain compliance without having to sacrifice your home’s structural integrity in the event of a hurricane. 

Once a hurricane touches down in your neighborhood, this also becomes a popular time for burglars to attempt to break into evacuated properties and take valuable items inside. With hurricane impact windows installed, they can resist common bludgeoning instruments that are often used to shatter glass. This deters potential intruders from attempting to enter your home illegally. 

How Paradise Platinum Windows Reduce Noise for Your Home

Hurricane impact windows are constructed from two sheets of tempered glass that are then bonded using a thin plastic membrane. This multi-layered design, along with the superior sealant technology in the window frames, eliminates excess space in the window opening. Sound is either completely deflected or drastically diluted before it reaches your home’s interior as a result. 

Best window glass to reduce noise

Answering Common Questions About Paradise Platinum Windows

Do Hurricane Impact Windows Operate Differently Than Standard Windows? 

No. Hurricane windows are housed in frames that operate similarly to their traditional counterparts. For example, if you choose to install a horizontal-sliding window, it can be opened and closed normally. 

Do Paradise Platinum Windows Require Any Special Maintenance? 

Paradise Platinum windows are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. Beyond optional cleaning with a standard glass-cleaning solution, there is no need to worry about upkeep. 

I Want to Keep My Home’s Appearance Intact - Can I Do That with These Windows? 

Absolutely. Beyond sizing impact windows to your home’s existing openings, they are also available in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles to match the appearance and functionality of your current windows that they will be replacing. 

How Long Will It Take to Install These Windows? 

Once you have approved your quote for your installation, our team begins custom-building your new upgraded windows for you. After any necessary permitting or HOA approvals are obtained, the installation itself takes approximately one week or less to complete. The total timeline ranges from 6-12 weeks from quote approval to final inspection. 

What is the Cost to Upgrade to Impact Windows? 

We custom-quote each installation project specific to the needs of the home. Typically, it is recommended that all windows in the home be replaced simultaneously. 

To help avoid a large upfront cost, we offer multiple financing opportunities with first payments that can be deferred by up to one year. This allows you to enjoy the peace and protection of a quieter home without financial barriers getting in the way. 

Upgrade to The Best Window Glass to Reduce Noise

Put simply: Paradise Platinum windows are the best window solution for reducing noise in your home. Once you experience the peace, calm, and quiet that these windows offer, you’ll want to spend more time relaxing at home than ever before! 

At Paradise Exteriors, we are the proud exclusive installers of Paradise Platinum series hurricane impact windows. Our windows also boast multiple Energy Star awards for energy efficiency and are the only of their kind to hold an endorsement from the National Crime Prevention Council for home security. To learn more or to receive an estimate, contact us today to get started: 844-749-2121

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