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Florida window installation


The windows provided by Paradise Exteriors both from Soft-Lite, Armor Max Plus and CWS, Custom Windows Systems, come in a variety of colors ranging from Soft-White to Beige vinyl for interior colors.  For exterior color coating finishes, they will use any color to match your home.

CWS shows different frame options, different grid thickness and even different kinds of glass finishings.  The grids can be added for purely aesthetic reasons and can be placed specifically in between the glass panes so they will never collect dust!

Furthermore, check out the different shapes of windows to aesthetically fit with your home, homestyle, or fit.

An added bonus is that these windows actually protect your furniture from UltraViolet rays.  Part of the light spectrum can cause fading and damage to carpeting and home furnishings.  The 5400G Armor Max Plus have an exceptionally high Fade Protection Factor (FPF).  They have a rating of 50.  These ratings are similar to that of SPF, Sun Protection Factor, of sunscreen.   The higher the rating, the greater the fade protection. CWS refers to their Low-Emissivity glass which have the ability to distinguish between desirable, visible light versus ultraviolet light. Their windows have three layers of silver coatings that are virtually clear but block the heat.  Their Low-E 270 and Low-E 366 coatings have been proved to outperform tinted glass in warm climates.


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