Impact Single-Hung Windows for South Florida Homes

Every home deserves the perfect window — one that captures the sun's light, stands strong in a storm, and complements your interior and exterior design. Our windows are more than just a view to the world; they are an expression of your style and a guard for your peace of mind.

At Paradise Exteriors, we are the proud to serve South Florida residents as the exclusive installers of the Paradise Platinum series of hurricane impact windows. These are the only windows of their kind to hold both multiple Energy Star Awards for energy efficiency and an official endorsement from the National Crime Prevention Council. 

What are Single-Hung Windows?

Single-hung windows are a classic, elegant style of window featuring two sashes — one stationary and one movable. The lower sash can slide vertically to allow airflow, while the upper sash remains fixed. This type of window is a timeless choice, offering ease of use, efficient ventilation, and a design that blends seamlessly with any architectural style.

A single-hung window shares aesthetic similarities to a double-hung window, which has two movable sashes. A single-hung window is best suited for parts of your home where you want to have more control over airflow or spaces with limited room, due to them not opening outward. 

single hung window
single hung window

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The Perfect Blend of Style and Durability

Our single-hung windows are crafted with durability and beauty in mind, making them an excellent choice for South Florida homes. They come in a range of styles, sizes, and finishes, offering unmatched customization to complement your home's design. From the clean, modern lines of a minimalist abode to the intricate details of a traditional-style home, single-hung windows enhance your view while maintaining aesthetic charm.

Paradise Platinum windows are custom-sized to your home’s existing openings. No new construction, demolition, or extensive renovations are required to install them. Due to their versatility, they’re also a perfect option for homeowners living in HOA-governed communities, allowing you to maintain the current appearance of your exterior with enhanced weather protection.

Built to Withstand South Florida's Weather

South Florida's tropical climate presents unique challenges, from scorching sun rays to powerful hurricanes. That's why our single-hung windows are equipped with the industry’s leading hurricane-impact glass. This robust material is engineered to withstand high winds and flying debris without shattering, protecting your home during stormy weather while offering superior energy efficiency.

Why Choose Our Single-Hung Windows?

  • Exceptional Hurricane Protection: Our hurricane-impact glass is rigorously tested and certified to withstand the most intense of weather conditions, offering an extra layer of safety for your family and home.
  • Energy Efficiency: With rising energy costs a major concern for many homeowners, our single-hung windows are a smart investment. The tight seal ensures minimal air leakage, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs.
  • No Setup or Teardown: Unlike shutters or plywood boards, our windows remain always ready to protect your home. Just make sure they are all closed and locked before an approaching storm.
  • No Maintenance Required: Due to their simple design, single-hung windows are easy to clean and maintain. The tilting lower sash makes cleaning a breeze, even from the inside of your home. No maintenance is required, but occasional light cleaning is optional. 
  • Versatile Style: Our single-hung windows are available in a wide array of color options, finishes, and materials, designed to enhance your home's architectural beauty and your personal style.
  • Space-Saving Design: Since they do not open outward, single-hung windows are perfect for areas facing walkways, porches, or patios. They offer the advantage of ventilation without consuming extra space.

Beyond Hurricane Protection 

Hurricane impact windows also provide an extensive range of other benefits beyond storm protection. These include: 

  • Enhanced Home Security: The windows are shatterproof and will not create openings when struck with a heavy instrument, deterring would-be burglars from attempting to enter your home.
  • Reduced Environmental Noise: Keep outside noise from entering your home and enjoy a more relaxing indoor environment as well as a quieter night’s sleep.
  • UV Light Filtering: Hurricane impact windows filter out ultraviolet (UV) light from damaging your fabrics and surfaces.
  • More Stable Indoor Temperatures: The superior seals on Paradise Platinum windows drastically reduce or eliminate air leakage. Cool air stays cool, even on the hottest days in South Florida. 

Get Hurricane Impact Single-Hung Windows for Your South Florida Home 

At Paradise Exteriors, our team is completely committed to outfitting residential South Florida properties with an extensive range of hurricane-rated windows, doors, and roofing options to provide the most complete protection possible from severe weather events common to the Sunshine State. With a expansive list of financing and warranty options from leading names in the home improvement industry, we make protecting your home a seamless and affordable experience along with quick installation times. 

To learn more about how we can help you upgrade your own home’s hurricane defenses, contact us today for a free quote or explore our other window styles today. 

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