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Paradise Exteriors Windows and Doors in St. Petersburg, FL, family-owned and operated by Dan Beckner for over 15 years, Paradise Exteriors is a fully licensed and insured window installation company specializing in hurricane window installation services. We have been dedicated to building our company’s quality reputation, one customer at a time. We install only premium products, dealer-direct. All are backed by our Best Price Guarantee and industry-leading warranty.

Our company prioritizes delivering exceptional knowledge and unbeatable customer service. Paradise Exteriors installs and distributes hurricane impact windows and doors to residential and commercial clients.. Our expertise lies in window replacements, aiding customers in creating enduring home improvements through energy efficiency, UV ray filtration, noise reduction, and security against intruders and severe weather conditions.

 Paradise Exteriors relies on trusted window installation service products for efficient production and competitive pricing. The combination of top-notch products and Dan Beckner's extensive experience positions Paradise Exteriors Windows and Doors as an industry leader.

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At Paradise Exteriors Windows and Doors,  we offer a diverse range of specialized services focused on high-quality window and door installations to meet your functional and aesthetic preferences. Our skilled team excels in delivering a variety of installation solutions, from standard replacements to advanced, impact-resistant installations for enhanced security and energy efficiency.

Some of our featured services include:

Window Installation

In the scorching Florida summer, the intense heat and humidity often lead to discomfort within homes. If you find yourself tired of enduring the sweaty and hot summer months, it's worth considering improvements to your living space. Our team, specializing in window installation and replacement, introduces a cutting-edge solution – energy-efficient windows designed to combat the challenges posed by the local climate.

This transformative upgrade serves not only as an aesthetic enhancement to your residence but also as a practical measure to significantly improve indoor comfort during the hottest days of the year. These state-of-the-art windows are strategically crafted to minimize heat transfer, ensuring a more temperate and enjoyable living environment.

With a focus on both functionality and aesthetics, our energy-efficient windows promise a refreshing reprieve from the heat, making your home a cool and welcoming sanctuary even amid the most relentless summer weather.

General Window Replacement

For general window replacement of broken exterior doors or windows, a license is mandatory. In such cases, it's advisable to engage a licensed contractor, as these projects can impact the building's structural integrity. If opting for a handyman, ensure they possess the necessary county-level licensing.

It's essential to note that different door and window types require distinct licenses; for instance, replacing a glass door requires a separate license compared to a traditional door replacement. Paradise Exteriors Windows and Doors ensures enduring, high-quality workmanship, providing a reliable choice, while handymen may vary in their proficiency.

Impact Window Installation

Is investing in impact resistant window installation worthwhile? In our storm-prone seasons, projectiles can damage windows, rendering them irreparable. The formidable winds from Florida hurricanes alone pose a threat to window glass. Living in an area prone to hurricanes emphasizes the importance of hurricane preparedness, making it crucial to ensure your windows are always safeguarded.

Don't procrastinate; install impact-resistant windows well in advance. Alleviate the stress of hurricane season by contacting us to explore our options in and around St. Petersburg, FL. These windows not only provide storm protection but also offer year-round benefits, including energy efficiency and enhanced visibility.

Storm Window Installation & Replacement

Investing in storm window installation & replacement offers both immediate cost and time savings, along with long-term energy efficiency. These windows are acquired to establish an airtight seal for your window openings, effectively mitigating drafts and preventing dust infiltration through existing cracks, joints, or seams in your current window frames. Storm windows act as a thermal barrier, preserving internal heat during colder months and repelling exterior cold temperatures.

Beyond energy conservation, there are additional compelling reasons to consider storm windows.

Notably, they significantly reduce street noise, contribute to a cooler home environment during summer, enhance home security, and effectively block city air pollution and soot.

Storm windows act as a shield against external elements such as dirt, dust, sand, and windstorm debris. In essence, the installation of storm windows not only elevates your personal living space by creating a more comfortable and serene environment but also fortifies the security and protection of your home.

Double Pane Window Installation & Replacement

Double-pane windows are now the standard choice for new construction; however, numerous homes in the United States, particularly those built in the 1980s, still feature single-pane windows or aging double-pane windows. According to the American Housing Survey, structures erected before or during the 1980s are more likely to exhibit these outdated window types. If your windows lack energy efficiency, your HVAC system compensates for the shortfall, leading to increased expenses.

Key indicators that your double-pane windows have surpassed their optimal lifespan:

  • A cloudy or milky appearance on the glass
  • Condensation forming between the panes
  • Panes that are either distorted or broken

Residential heat loss is significantly impacted by windows, accounting for 25% of the total. If your windows contribute to heat loss and increased utility costs, it is imperative to address the issue promptly. Paradise Exteriors professional double pane window installation & replacement service offers a comprehensive solution to enhance energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

Window Frame Repair & Replacement

Damaged window frames pose a serious threat, extending beyond mere aesthetic concerns to potential hazards within your home or business. This situation carries a spectrum of risks, making it imperative to assess services, such as those offered by Paradise Exteriors, ensuring a swift and efficient response.

Neglecting window frame repair & replacement exposes you to various dangers for both households and businesses. Unwanted intruders, including people, pests, and bugs, can easily infiltrate your space through compromised frames. The repercussions escalate as glass fragments find their way into sliding door tracks, causing operational issues and potential safety hazards.

The sharp edges of glass shards can inflict harm on individuals, underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue promptly.

Paradise Exteriors stands as a reliable solution, providing expedited and trustworthy damage window frame debris cleanup and replacement glass services. Our commitment to immediate action ensures the restoration of not just the structural integrity but also the safety and security of your living or working environment.

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Window Repair

When facing the urgency of home glass repair, Paradise Exteriors Windows and Doors stands as your reliable choice. Our window repair service provides certified and insured emergency home window repair and installation services. Our commitment ensures quality results that guarantee your satisfaction.

A damaged window or glass door exposes your home or business to the elements and potential security risks. Trust our skilled emergency repair team to keep your property safeguarded.

We deliver a swift response to broken glass, accommodating your schedule to meet your needs. Whether it's tempered glass, High-Impact Glass, or any other glass type, we maintain the highest standard of professionally executed repair.

Hurricane Impact Window Installation

Our hurricane impact window installation service goes beyond construction; they epitomize a comprehensive approach to fortifying your home, creating an impregnable haven for your family. Every facet of your home's vulnerability is meticulously addressed as we strategically reinforce each access point. This not only provides a robust defense against storm damage but also serves as a formidable deterrent against potential intruders.

The consequences of a storm or debris breaching your windows or doors extend beyond mere property damage. It poses a significant risk to the safety of your loved ones, elevating the situation from a potential gamble to an unaffordable hazard. The financial ramifications, encompassing repairs and replacements that may amount to thousands of dollars, further heighten the stakes.

At Paradise Exteriors Windows and Doors, our commitment extends beyond the structural aspects. We prioritize customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of our service. From the initial meticulous installation process to ongoing dedicated annual maintenance, we handle your home or business with unparalleled care and attention. Our approach mirrors the level of dedication we would apply if it were our very own property.

Hurricane Resistant Windows

In the face of a Category 2 hurricane unleashing winds at 110 mph, the potential danger becomes evident—a force capable of flipping a car off the road. Escalate to a Category 5 hurricane, boasting wind speeds surpassing 155 mph, and the threat magnifies, now with the power to dismantle homes and threaten family members inside your home.

For those residing in hurricane-prone regions, the key defense lies in a robust home fortified with meticulously installed hurricane resistant windows. As a modern engineering marvel, today's hurricane windows exhibit remarkable resilience, withstanding significant abuse.

The integrity of hurricane resistant windows extends beyond glass quality. Crucial components such as window and door jambs and sash frames play a pivotal role in ensuring comprehensive protection. Opting for materials like pultruded fiberglass, aluminum, or clad aluminum will strengthen your home, surpassing the resilience of their vinyl counterparts. Recognizing that aluminum offers superior strength and durability against direct impacts from debris, coupled with stability under high temperatures and sun exposure, underscores the importance of considering both glass and material composition for the most robust, enduring hurricane-resistant windows.

Impact Doors

Impact doors serve as a year-round safeguard, providing not only resilience during storm seasons but also enhanced security. Their formidable impact resistance deters burglars and thieves, rendering traditional tools like bricks or crowbars ineffective against their robust construction. Our doors stand as a formidable barrier, ensuring your home remains secure.

In today's diverse market, many variations cater to individual needs. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you in selecting a door that seamlessly aligns with both your budgetary constraints and personal home aesthetic. 

Whether you prefer the elegance of French doors, the space-saving convenience of sliding doors, or many options in between, our experts are poised to guide you through the selection process. We understand the importance of balancing functionality, style, and security, and our comprehensive range ensures that you find the perfect door tailored to your specific requirements.

Embrace peace of mind year-round with doors that not only withstand the forces of nature but also provide an unyielding defense against potential intruders. Elevate your home's security and aesthetic appeal with our diverse range of impact doors.

Impact Windows & Doors

When considering personal safety and security, windows, and doors may not be the immediate focus, but they play a crucial role in ensuring the protection of your home or business against potential threats. This is particularly pertinent in regions like South Florida, where the primary risk often stems from hurricanes and severe storms.

The significance of hurricane-rated impact windows & doors lies in their specialized engineering, crafted to endure extreme winds, pressures, debris impacts, and various hazards. Notably, even in the event of breakage, these products are designed to remain intact, preventing shattering and dispersal. This resilience not only fortifies homes against natural disasters but also serves as a robust deterrent against burglaries, significantly enhancing overall security.

Furthermore, these impact-resistant features contribute to improved sound abatement and energy efficiency, creating a versatile protective environment.

The versatility of hurricane-rated doors and windows extends beyond functionality, encompassing an array of attractive styles. This aesthetic diversity, coupled with their protective features, makes these products valuable additions to any property. The comprehensive benefits, ranging from security enhancements to energy efficiency, underscore the considerable value that impact-resistant windows and doors bring to homes and businesses alike.

Hurricane Impact Doors

Living in a coastal community brings a diverse range of weather conditions, from warm, humid days to stormy nights. Whether situated in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), along a hurricane-prone coastline, or a town farther inland, understanding how to safeguard your home from the persistent threat of hurricanes is crucial. Our hurricane impact doors offer an additional layer of security, ensuring peace of mind regardless of your location.

A hurricane impact door serves as a fortified barrier, specially designed to shield your home from potential damage caused by hurricanes or tropical storms. Unlike traditional doors, these impact-resistant patio doors eliminate the need for storm shutters or plywood, streamlining storm preparations. Simply close and lock these fortified doors for immediate protection.

Constructed with enhanced durability, the patio doors feature reinforced glass, sturdier panels, and a more robust frame compared to standard doors. This design empowers them to withstand formidable winds and resist impacts from airborne debris, meeting stringent building code requirements.

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Paradise Exteriors Windows and Doors is your premier destination for impact windows and doors in St. Petersburg, Florida. As a fully licensed and insured company, we take pride in offering an exceptional customer service experience coupled with unparalleled knowledge in the industry.

Our focus on replacements enables us to assist customers in creating lasting enhancements to their homes, emphasizing energy efficiency. At Paradise Exteriors, we place our trust in hurricane products known for their efficiency, ensuring lower production times and enabling us to provide competitive pricing to our valued customers. The synergy of high-quality products, pragmatic insights, and extensive experience solidifies our position as an industry leader.

Our dedicated team is committed to exceeding expectations and delivering unparalleled quality on every project. Whether you're looking for replacement installations, or seeking information about our comprehensive range of window and door services, don't hesitate to reach out. Book an appointment today and entrust Paradise Exteriors Windows and Doors with all your window and door installation needs in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Some Other Window Installation Services Offered by Paradise Exteriors Windows and Doors in St. Petersburg, Florida

  • New Home Windows
  • Window and Door Installations
  • Home Window Replacement
  • Window Frames
  • Impact Glass
  • New Windows
  • Casement Window Installation & Replacement
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Sliding Window
  • Renovation Project
  • Home Improvement Projects
  • Home Remodel
  • Home Renovation
  • Exteriors Window
  • Horizontal Sliding Windows
  • Hurricane Protection
  • Single-Hung Window
  • Double-Hung Window
  • General Door Installation
  • Impact Front Doors
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Storm Door Installation & Replacement

At Paradise Exteriors Windows and Doors we specialize in top-tier window and door installations, our company provides comprehensive services for both residential and commercial window installation, as well as door installation services. Our expertise encompasses everything from precision window and door replacements to new window and door installations. Whether you're upgrading your home or enhancing the functionality of your business space, our skilled team ensures excellence in every project.

We provide services in and around the following surrounding St. Petersburg ZIP codes:

33702, 33703, 33714, 33716, 33760, 33762, 33781, 33782

St. Petersburg Areas We Also Service

Feather Sound, Greenbrook Estates, Highpoint, Badger Handcock Acres, Pinellas Park, Lealman, Kenneth City, Bardmoor, Seminole, Bay Pines, Bay Ridge Terrace, Canterbury Chase, Redington Shores, North Redington Shores, Redington Beach, Madeira Beach, Treasure Island, St. Pete Beach, Gulfport, Tierra Verde

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