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3 Types of Damaging Winds to Watch Out For

An under-discussed aspect of extreme weather events is the severe damage that accompanying storm winds can cause to both your land and your property. At a high enough speed, wind can uproot trees, destroy mobile homes and even rip the rooftops off of structures. The following are 3 specific kinds of damaging winds that you should know about if you live in an area prone to extreme weather events:

  1. Straight-line Winds: A Straight-line wind is wind that is moving in a linear pattern, instead of in a circular fashion (like a tornado). Most thunderstorms feature straight-line winds, and these are often the biggest cause of damage to land and properties during storms, as this wind pattern can cover hundreds of miles, leaving a massive path of damage and destruction in its wake.
  2. Damaging WindsGust Front Winds: When warm thunderstorm air meets air that has already been cooled by rain, it creates a form of damaging wind known as a Gust Front. Gust Fronts are typified by a shift in wind direction, strong gusts of wind and a pronounced drop in outside temperature. These winds can pick up speed and strength extremely quickly, and as a result, they can cause significant damage to properties that are not adequately anchored to the ground, like mobile homes.
  3. Derechos: A Derecho is actually a time of windstorm in which a large swath of land is hit by strong winds over a long period of time. Derechos are actually made up of other, smaller wind events, like microbursts and downbursts, which are powerful alone but become even more threatening when combined together to make a Derecho. Fast-moving thunderstorms are a hallmark of Derechos, but these windstorms are major weather events in and of themselves.
  4. While these 3 types of damaging winds are created by different meteorological factors, the end result of all of them can be severe property damage, injury and loss of life. If you live in an area where storms and wind events are common, we recommend installing hurricane-proof windows and doors, which offer protection from much more than just hurricanes. Trust us – you’ll be glad you did.

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