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3 Ways to Weatherproof Your Balconies

Although balconies are often overlooked when it comes to weatherproofing a property, water pooling in these areas of a house can cause substantial internal water damage to the structure if the correct measures haven’t been taken to prevent this from happening. The following are a few different ways you can go about making sure that your balconies are as weatherproof as the rest of your home.

1) Invest in waterproof tile. There are many different kinds of tile that you can choose to install on your balconies, but whichever aesthetic style you prefer, make sure that your balcony tiles are waterproof. This will help ensure that they don’t absorb water in a large storm, which leads to eventual degradation of non-waterproof tiles and can cause damage to the house itself.

2) Make sure your balconies are outfitted with a drainage system. Without the right provisions for water drainage, your balcony runs the risk of becoming a safety and structural risk to your family’s home. Make sure to install a system through which runoff can make its way off of your balcony without you having to interfere.

3) Apply a liquid waterproofing membrane to seal your balcony’s surfaces. You can apply a liquid waterproofing membrane via spray or roller; either method does a beautiful job of making sure that the membrane sinks into every nook and cranny of your balcony to ensure complete protection against water damage. These non-porous substances act as a bonded coating for your balcony’s surfaces, and they’re an inexpensive and effective way to guard against extreme weather.

If you’re looking for assistance when it comes to making sure your home is completely weatherproofed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at so we can help you accomplish your goal of protecting your house and your family from preventable damage.

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