How to Pick the Best Replacement Windows for your Florida Home

If you are looking for the best replacement windows for your South Florida home, you might be wondering what options are available to upgrade to. 

Since the weather can be variable in Florida, you are going to want something that can stand up to the weather, the intense UV rays, and much more.

As you are considering your window replacement options, there are a few features you may want to think about.

best replacement windows

Hurricane Resistance

Hurricanes are a regularly occurring fact of life in Florida. It is something that people need to take into account when it comes to replacing anything in a home, especially windows.

Severe storms can easily damage traditional glass windows, causing them to shatter. This leaves the interior of the home vulnerable to wind, water, and debris-related damage. 

Look for windows designed to withstand hurricane forces and other severe weather events. Impact-Rated Hurricane Windows are made with reinforced glass that resists shattering as well as resist the blunt force of flying debris with greater efficiency. 

UV Light Filtering

UV light doesn’t just cause sunburn or worse on a person’s skin. UV rays can also damage parts of the home, inside and out.

Without the proper protection on your windows, you could be facing deteriorating materials, wall paint fading, and sun-bleached fabrics on your furniture. 

When searching for a window, select one with glass designed to filter out UV light. This will protect your interior from decay caused by the sun’s rays while also keeping the inside looking as colorful and new as possible. 

Sound Reducing

Your home is a place for you to relax and enjoy time to yourself. Whether it is a quiet night alone, a weekend night with friends, or a family game night, you deserve to have an environment that promotes privacy.

If you live in a busy neighborhood, you may find yourself disturbed by loud outdoor noises. Looking for a window system that can reduce outdoor noise will help make sure that you can enjoy more time indoors.

Thermal Control

During Florida summers, nothing feels better than a cool and crisp airflow in the home. The intense heat can be relentless, and traditional glass windows can leak the enjoyable cold air.

Inefficient thermal control can cause your home to feel more humid and less comfortable. A window that has advanced sealing technology can prevent air leakage from happening. 

Energy Efficiency

Drafty windows not only waste electricity by letting in warm outside air, it also places an increased strain on your cooling system. This not only means more energy to cool your home, it also can translates directly into a shorter life for your air conditioning unit. 

The best replacement windows are thermally insulated and energy efficient. This will ensure that you contain more of the cool air in your home. This will result in less strain on HVAC, and less energy spent.

Home Security

A home’s windows are vulnerable points of entry for burglars, even if they are locked and thought to be secure.

Florida homes that are second properties for people who live primarily out-of-state are particularly vulnerable to burglaries. This is largely due to them being unoccupied for prolonged periods of time. 

Look for windows constructed with strong and durable glass technology. This means they can withstand bludgeoning instruments a burglar might use to break the pane and enter the home. Windows that do not shatter will deter burglars from attempting to enter and loot your property.

Upgrade Your Florida Home Windows with the Best Replacement Windows

Paradise Platinum hurricane impact windows are designed to be the perfect upgrade for any home, especially in Florida. At Paradise Exteriors, we are proud to offer them to homeowners as the exclusive installer. 

The Paradise Platinum windows are the only ones to hold multiple Energy Star Awards, as well as an endorsement from the National Crime Prevention Council. They are also available through a variety of flexible financing and customer-friendly warranty options, which will help ensure that protecting your home is affordable. 

Our windows offer a permanent, maintenance-free option that are custom-sized to your home’s existing openings. They are the ideal solution for better protecting your home’s interior while maintaining HOA compliance and keeping your home’s beauty intact.

To learn more, contact us today to schedule a free estimate: 844-749-2121.


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