How to Select the Best Roof for Hurricane Protection

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes like Florida, it is important to take the necessary precautions to protect your home. One of the most important considerations when protecting against hurricanes is your roof. However, all are not the best roof for hurricane protection.

Choosing the right roof with proper installation can help keep your home and family safe during a storm as well as protect your home and belongings in the event of an evacuation. To determine the best roof for hurricane protection, there are a few key features to look for.

best roof for hurricane

Multiple Shingle Color Options

When it comes to hurricane protection, one of the most important features to look for in a roofing system is multiple shingle color options. You can upgrade your roof while maintaining your home’s original aesthetic intact and also maintain HOA compliance if community rules dictate that your shingles must be a specific color.

GAF brand HDZ shingles feature color blends that are sharper and more well defined than other brands, to give your roof a better appearance. They also have UV-blocking granules that help prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from discoloring your roof over time.

GAF Hurricane Roof

Algae Resistance

Another important feature to look for when selecting the best roof for hurricane protection is algae resistance. Algae can cause your shingles to become stained and discolored, and it can also lead to premature deterioration.

A high-performing roofing system will be constructed with materials that discourage the growth of algae. This will help keep your roof looking its best for years to come while also providing superior protection against hurricane forces.

GAF roofing shingles include a unique Time-Release Algae-Fighting Technology that uses copper that releases more steadily over time. The problem with other brands that use copper, is it releases too quickly, allowing mold growth as the roof ages.

Improved Fire Protection

In the event of a housefire, the destruction caused by the flames can cause a roof to cave in and cause further damage to the home more quickly. With a fire-resistant roof, you can prevent or prolong cave-ins while providing the local fire department more time to respond to the emergency.

Tightly Sealed Shingles

Tightly sealed shingles are also essential for hurricane protection. During a storm, high winds can cause loose or damaged shingles to come flying off of your roof. This can leave your home exposed to potential water damage and structural problems.

If part of the roof is exposed, this can result in leaks or debris breaching your interior. It can also allow harsh winds to enter beneath your roof, creating a greater chance of it detaching from the rest of the home.

The Best Roof for Hurricane Protection Must Have Storm Wind Resistance

The best roofs for hurricane protection are those that can resist high winds and impacts. Storms with high winds can blow the shingles off your roof and can also cause branches and other debris to fall on your roof, which may lead to further damage.

A wind-resistant roof will help keep your home and family safe during a hurricane by preventing or minimizing damage to your property.

GAF Windproven - Infinite Windspeed Protection

When choosing a roofing shingle, know that GAF is the only roofing system that is rated and warrantied for Infinite Wind Speeds! Many homeowner’s insurance policies have an $8,000 deductible for wind damage. Why risk paying that every time a storm rolls through? Choose GAF and enjoy peace of mind that your roof is covered.

Heavy Impact Resistance

One of the roofing system’s most significant features to consider when selecting the best option for your home is heavy impact resistance. High winds can cause flying debris to collide with and damage the roof. This can create holes, cracks, or other structural damage that can worsen in the presence of other storm activity. 

Code Compliant Design

When selecting the best roof for hurricane protection, it is important to choose a system that is code compliant. Local building codes are enforced to ensure that homes are constructed using materials and methods that can endure high winds and other severe weather-related threats while not compromising the safety of occupants. 

Customer-Focused Financing

Financial barriers are a common reason many homeowners feel apprehensive about upgrading their roof for better hurricane protection. With home improvement financing options, these barriers are removed and the first payment may even be deferred by up to a year. 

Look for a roof installer that offers financing options that make sense for your budget. This will allow you to more quickly secure your home against intense storm activity without a price tag getting in the way. 

Generous Warranty Options

Along with financing, warranty options can provide significant cost savings. Though hurricane-rated roofing systems are designed for increased protection, you may find that you need to replace all or part of the roof over time. A warranty can potentially help you avoid these goods and labor costs to generate further savings for you. 

Usually, if a new roof leaks, it is because of installation issues. However, most roofing brands only warranty against manufacturing defects and do not cover leaks caused by installation issues. Instead choose a GAF roof installed by a Master Elite Roofing Installer like Paradise Exteriors and your roof can be covered against both defects and any installation issues for 25 years!

A Team of Master Elite Contractors 

Paradise Exterior is a proud Master Elite Contractor of GAF hurricane-rated roofing systems. This distinction is held by only 2% of roofing contractors nationwide and indicates that our team possesses the necessary training, knowledge, and skills to masterfully install your new roofing system to better protect your home. We also work with the nation’s leading home improvement financing institutions to offer you a variety of payment solutions that best fit your needs. 

To learn more about upgrading your home’s roofing system for hurricane protection, contact us today or request an estimate online. 


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