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Putting The Win In Windows

Everyone knows there is more to a window than panes and glass. A natural conduit for light to enter a space, a window can oftentimes become the focal point of a room. Using the natural light to your advantage leaves affords hundreds of options for you to take that light and make it your own. Here are a few ways…Read Full Article


The windows provided by Paradise Exteriors both from Soft-Lite, Armor Max Plus and CWS, Custom Windows Systems, come in a variety of colors ranging from Soft-White to Beige vinyl for interior colors.  For exterior color coating finishes, they will use any color to match your home. CWS shows different frame options, different grid thickness and even different kinds of glass…Read Full Article

Vinyl and Design Benefits

CWS, Custom Window Systems, has a line that is specifically constructed for hurricane impact zones in Florida.  This line is called WindPact Plus.  The WindPact Plus series have all the newest advances in technology and engineering. First of all, the windows are Vinyl, which provide extra performance in the heat and humidity of weather in Florida.  Vinyl windows have increased…Read Full Article

High Technology

Did you know of the different varieties of glass that are possible for your window with different types of technology? The glass of Windpact Plus, a specific type of Custom Window Systems, provided by Paradise Exteriors, has low emissivity.  Low emissivity in glass reflects heat back to its source.  Not only are these windows designed to protect from hurricanes but…Read Full Article

Soft-Lite Strength

We’ve spoken a lot about windows from Custom Window Systems, touching upon the technology, the design and aesthetics.  In addition to Custom Window Systems, Paradise Exteriors also offers windows from another provider, Soft-Lite, which offers top notch products. Our particular preference of Soft-Lite windows is the 5400 Armor Max Plus Impact Window.  It is their best looking and most versatile…Read Full Article

Vinyl Windows

If you need more info on about Advanced Engineering, call Paradise Exteriors, LLC at 561-732-0300, or fill out our online request form.

Vinyl Windows

If you need more info on about National Window Safety Week, call Paradise Exteriors, LLC at 561-732-0300, or fill out our online request form.

Paradise Platinum Protection Windows Series

Paradise Exteriors is offering a brand new styled window called the Paradise Platinum Protection Series.  The windows come in different styles to fit in with your home style.  The most popular style is the Double Hung, featuring two operating sashes.  The Double Hung provides beauty and functionality.  The Slider window is similar to a horizontal double hung window.  It offers…Read Full Article

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