How Custom Storm Windows Can Benefit Old Homes

While old homes can have great charm and character, they could also be costing you money before and after a major hurricane in Florida. Older homes are often constructed with different materials and were built when code requirements were likely also different than they are today. Unfortunately, while they look beautiful, they often make you and your wallet more susceptible to bad weather.

Do you know how having your windows replaced with custom storm windows can benefit your home in Florida? Here are how old windows could be costing you money and how you can benefit from upgrading them.

Custom storm windows for old homes

How Old Home Windows Could Be Costing You Money

Most homeowners don’t know what kind of windows they have in their homes — let alone whether they need to be replaced. But if you’re looking for ways to lower your energy bill and make your home more efficient, this is an area where small changes can reap huge rewards.

Low Thermal Control & Energy Efficiency 

Older windows are not designed with modern sealing technologies that offer greater insulation and thermal control, creating an uncomfortable living environment. To remedy this, homeowners often turn up the thermostat and use more energy, resulting in a larger utility bill at the end of the month.

Because of the increased air leakage and weaker thermal control, these windows can place a greater burden on heating and cooling systems to create a comfortable indoor environment – thus costing you more each month in utility bills.

Easier to Break 

To make matters worse, traditional glass pane windows and wood frames can break more easily – resulting in costly repairs. 

How Old Home Windows Can Create a Less Comfortable Living Environment

UV Light penetration 

Traditional glass allows for UV light to penetrate the home. This is especially an issue for sunny states like Florida that experience intense summers. The heat from the sun’s rays can warm the interior of a home, making it harder to cool the space down with an air conditioner.

Noise Pollution 

Noisy neighbors, traffic, and people passing by can all be nuisances. The thinner panes in traditional glass allow more ambient noise to enter the home from outside. This can disturb your peaceful living environment and prevent you from relaxing and enjoying your home to its fullest.

No Hurricane Protection

During a hurricane, heavy items such as picture frames and bookcases can fall over and break through old windows that are not constructed to the same durability and performance standards as modern hurricane windows. Failure to upgrade your windows can not only result in a greater threat of damage during severe storms but contribute to more anxiety about being unprepared. 

Benefits of Upgrading to Modern Hurricane Impact Windows

If you live along the coast or in an area with frequent storms, you need to consider the impact that hurricanes could have on your home. Even if your windows are in good shape, they might not protect you and your loved ones from the winds and debris associated with hurricanes as well as they should.

If you want to know whether modern hurricane impact windows might be better for your home than older traditional windows, then here are some benefits to consider before making a purchase.

Permanently Installed

With hurricane impact windows, there’s no need to obscure your old home’s beautiful and historic aesthetic with shutters, panels, or plywood boards.

Reduced Noise Pollution

You’ll be able to enjoy a more peaceful and quieter living experience without all the extra noise pollution from outside your home.

Improved Home Security

Intruders will have a much more difficult time breaking through hurricane impact windows than they would with traditional windows. Impact windows are resistant to the most common methods for break-ins, thus deterring robberies.

Superior Hurricane Protection 

Hurricane impact windows are made with reinforced panes that do not shatter and can withstand intense storm winds, water, and debris. These windows are designed to stand up against the worst of weather conditions, making your home safer from the elements.

Better Energy Efficiency 

Impact windows are sealed to provide as minimal air leakage as possible and superior thermal control. This eases the burden on your heating and cooling systems and can save you money each month on utilities.

Blocking UV Light

 Impact windows also reduce the amount of harmful UV light entering the home, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for your family.

Custom storm windows for old homes

With impact-resistant windows, you can maintain your home’s aesthetic without having to create new openings for window installations or change the window style.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Adding Florida impact-rated storm windows can lower your homeowners insurance premiums. Every Florida home should have approved hurricane protection. Those without it generally pay much higher insurance premiums because of the increased risk the home will be destroyed in a hurricane. Storm windows are a smart choice.

Upgrade Your Old Florida Home with Modern Impact Windows Today

When it comes to protecting homes with newer windows versus those with older, single-pane ones, it pays to do your research. Old-style or retrofitted windows can be a hazard in severe weather. When severe weather hits, you’re looking at an uncomfortable time in an uncomfortable house—not to mention the risk to the windows themselves. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows today, contact the Paradise Exteriors team for a free estimate on your old window replacements. Our custom-sized impact windows are the only ones endorsed by the National Crime Prevention Council and are recognized as award-winning for efficiency by EnergyStar. Ask about our unbeatable financing and warranty options so you can enjoy your home with optimal peace of mind. 


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