Energy Efficent Windows

Why is Energy Star taking over the market?
Energy Efficient WindowsThe Energy Star Program is a huge market boom in the residential market adding a greener aspect to homes and decor. Energy Star has sold more than 80 percent of windows today, most cannot doubt the success of energy star in today’s energy efficient society. As of today, the program added a new “gold standard” for energy efficient residential windows, excluding residential doors and skylights.

How do Energy Efficient Windows Work?
The world continues to shift to the energy saving and energy efficient products of todays go green society. But the home improvement sector can get a little confusing. Windows may look the same which is why consumers continue to  wonder, how do different forms vary from other types of windows and what advantage is there in replacing windows? There is an innovative technology that plays a significant role in how energy efficient windows work.

Glass coating
A emissivity glass also known as Low-E glass is a prominent ingredient in energy efficient windows and is used to help block sun rays and keep the heat inside when its cold outside and outside when its hot. Other options include tints, gas fills and reflective coating which will also help save on your heating and cooling costs.

In order to keep windows thermally efficient and free of condensation, polymer structural foam is used instead of metal for the window insulation. The lower the U value, the greater the efficiency of the window.

Window technology
Most of the latest technologies to windows utilize multiple panes of glass and gas. Double paned and triple paned glass help with increasing and blocking UV rays. A triple paned glass window for instance blocks up to 97% of UV rays and will keep you comfortable year round while preventing fading of fabrics, flooring etc. Moreover, filling the space between the glass thats insulated with Krypton gas to reduce heat transfer also enhancing energy efficient technologies. With the many new technologies to energy efficient windows, now all you have to worry about is  getting the old windows replaced! This will ensure saving money and having a more energy efficient home.


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