Study Shows That Extreme Weather Causes More Asthma Attacks

Weather Causes More Asthma AttacksA new study from the University of Maryland School of Public Health has shown that Weather Causes More Asthma Attacks and can lead to an increased number of hospitalizations for asthma in the state of Maryland, lending further credence to the belief that houses in hurricane zones are not the only properties that might benefit from storm-proofing.

Currently, there are over 430,000 adults and 125,000 children who suffer from asthma in the state of Maryland. In this study, researchers analyzed data about asthma-related hospitalizations that had been collected over the course of ten years, then compared this information to weather patterns based on 30 years of baseline data, with the hope of determining if there was a relationship between asthma flare-ups and the weather.

Interestingly, their research showed that during extremely hot summer months, there was a 23% increase in the number of hospitalizations for asthma in Maryland, and the period immediately following extreme rain events tended to see an 11% increase in hospitalizations due to asthma attacks.

The reason for the spike in asthma attacks during these weather events is likely that extreme heat leads to a more potent concentration of airborne irritants, like ozone, and extreme rain causes an increase in the number of pollen spores in the air. Both of these effects have been shown to negatively impact asthma sufferers; while it’s not terribly surprising that this would be the case, the implications of this study are significant.

Although this study took place in Maryland, its findings can be applied to anyone who suffers from asthma and lives in an environment that experiences extreme heat or rain. In light of the fact that extreme weather events result in more hospitalizations, if you or a loved one are an asthmatic, it may be worthwhile to consider weather-proofing your home. In addition to offering added protection against weather-related damage, hurricane-proof windows and doors are also much better at keeping clean air in and contaminated air out, and they allow you to control the environment in your house in a way that traditional doors and windows simply do not.

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