Fiberglass Product Reliability and Durability

Fiberglass windows and doors are typically assembled in factories that utilize chemically-welded or bonded assemblies. These types of assemblies provide a high degree of quality, reliability and consistency.

Fiberglass and heat:

Have you ever worn a black shirt on a summer day and literally felt the heat? Dark colors absorb heat. Prolonged heat buildup can cause exterior building products to change over time such as distort physically. Distortion can lead to water penetration or air infiltration thus wasting energy. Fiberglass products are able to withstand the heat, even in warm climates such as Boynton Beach, Florida.

Fiberglass and hurricanes:

Fiberglass products are known for their durability and hence they are the number one choice for coastal homes that are susceptible to hurricanes or strong winds. Fiberglass products in conjunction with impact-resistant glass designed to prevent debris or flying objects from entering the building compile top-notch protection for your home or building year round.

Fiberglass and colors:

Fiberglass windows and doors in dark colors are able to withstand the heat without warping. Fiberglass can withstand heat deflection at temperatures of 250 degrees and higher. They can also withstand extremely cold winters in spots like Dakotas or Canada.
Fiberglass fenestration (openings such as windows and doors) are available in all colors from light to dark and everything in between. Fiberglass has a low thermal conductivity that blocks heat, which is prevalent even in the dark colors. This means that dark colors are still actually energy-efficient. Most fiberglass products are available in different color options on the interior and exterior side.

Fiberglass and light:

Most fiberglass products are thin with greater visible glass area. This increases the view to the outside as well as increases natural light to the inside of your home.

Fiberglass and appearance:

Fiberglass can look natural or simulate grains for a more contemporary, sleek look. Because of the versatility in style, fiberglass looks great when combined with other materials in the building or home. Fiberglass sills look great with wooden doors. Fiberglass sashes and frames look great over windows, especially with wood interiors.

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