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Florida’s Top Hurricane Impact Doors

Standard home doorways are some of the most vulnerable entry points during a hurricane. If the door is destroyed by heavy debris or blown open by strong winds, this can create a path for water, dirt, and other unwanted elements of nature to enter and damage your home. Hurricane impact doors provide homeowners with a more robust and tightly sealed alternative to standard wooden and glass doors.

After the storm has passed, a hurricane impact door will continue to add value by offering superior home security and energy efficiency. 

At Paradise Exteriors, we are proud to equip Florida homes with the highest-impact and highest-performing hurricane impact doors. Seamlessly combining impeccable craftsmanship and beautiful aesthetics, you can enhance both your home’s beauty and security at the same time.

Benefits of Impact Glass Front Doors 

Superior Hurricane Protection

Hurricane-resistant glass remains permanently installed. This ensures peace of mind that whenever a severe storm approaches, even during the off-season, your home remains constantly protected against the elements. 

No Setup or Teardown 

Other hurricane protection options like shutters, panels, and plywood boards require preparation time before a storm reaches your neighborhood. Instead of spending time setting up your door coverings, you can focus more on other more important hurricane preparation activities. 

Hurricane Impact Door will Maintain Your Home’s Beauty 

Boards, panels, and shutters obscure the beautiful aesthetic of your home. Hurricane impact doors are designed to integrate with the rest of your home’s design and can even enhance its beauty. Plywood boards can also potentially damage your home when removing the nails from around the window frame after the storm has passed. 

High Energy Efficiency Hurricane Impact Door

We offer hurricane impact doors that either meet or exceed EnergyStar standards. Hurricane-resistant glass can help improve your home’s energy efficiency, saving you on monthly utility costs. 

Windows Remain Clearer for Longer

Enjoy beautiful Florida views and the convenience of no-maintenance glass. Hurricane impact doors remain clearer for longer than traditional glass options. 

Hurricane Impact door
Hurricane Impact door

Maximum Natural Light

Enjoy the Florida sunshine to its fullest with crystal clear glass. Impact windows can help reduce your energy costs by filtering more natural light into your home, lessening reliance on artificial lighting. 

Greater Thermal Protection 

Stay cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer! Impact doors provide enhanced thermal protection, preventing air from leaking out through your home’s openings and placing less strain on your heating and cooling systems. 

Enhanced Home Security 

Due to their large surfaces, glass doors are often a common entry point for burglars looking to loot possessions from a home. Impact-resistant glass can withstand forceful strikes from instruments that might be used to shatter a traditional glass pane, thus deterring potential intruders. 

Multiple Styles to Choose From

No matter your aesthetic preferences, we offer multiple styles of hurricane impact doors to provide your home with greater protection without you having to compromise its beautiful design. 

Improve Your Home’s Resale Value 

Looking to move? Upgrading to hurricane impact doors can improve your home’s resale value. Attract more qualified buyers with your enhanced doors that require zero maintenance.

Hurricane Impact door

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Full Hurricane Impact Door Service

We strive to offer the most complete door installation service in the Sunshine State. From assisting with obtaining HOA approval and proper municipal permits to professional installation and inspection, we will handle the most challenging aspects so that you can spend more time enjoying your enhanced home protection. 

Financing and Warranty Options 

To help you enjoy your new doors sooner, we offer a variety of competitive financing options through our partners at Ygrene. Select a payment plan option that works best for you so that you can start protecting your home in less time! We also offer multiple industry-leading warranties for future replacement and service needs. 

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