How Hurricane Resistant Windows Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Hurricane Resistant Windows Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Invest in Your Home and add Long-Term Protection with Hurricane Impact Windows 

Are you thinking of replacing your home’s current windows with hurricane-resistant windows but hesitant to make such an investment? As with any home improvement project, naturally, you may have many questions. As Florida’s leading residential hurricane impact window provider, we have answers. 

There is no doubt that hurricane-resistant windows come with many benefits for homeowners. If you’re looking to sell your home in Florida, you can increase its resale value by installing hurricane impact windows before listing your property. Today, we’ll look at how these types of windows add value, with many features and benefits, that any potential homebuyer would want.

No Extra Hurricane Protection Needed

High-quality hurricane impact windows offer so much protection that no other hurricane protection is needed. In fact, impact windows offer protection that is superior in many ways. Independently verified to withstand hurricane force winds, wind-born debris and rain, impact-resistant windows add an additional layer of protection that conventional windows simply cannot provide. 

No other protective measures are needed for the glass, as it is designed to withstand storm forces on its own. In the event of a hurricane, homebuyers know they will not have to purchase or install any extra equipment to secure the property. This adds both peace of mind and measurable savings, which can significantly improve your home value in the eyes of a homebuyer. 

No Extra Storage or Work is Needed

Unlike other solutions, such as hurricane storm panels or wooden boards, hurricane-resistant windows do not require extra storage. In fact, you won’t need to purchase or install conventional solutions at all. Hurricane windows do not require maintenance. 

No Eyesore From Ugly Shutters

Although accordion hurricane shutters do not require storage, that is only because they are left up permanently, which is a huge eyesore. Plus, the paint on aluminum hurricane shutters is only warrantied against fading, chipping and corrosion for as little as a year. Contrast that with our Paradise Platinum Series vinyl frame windows which come with a Double-lifetime Warranty. 

New Windows Add Curb Appeal

Nothing makes a house look better than new windows. As any Realtor will tell you, curb appeal is a huge factor in determining the resale value of a home.

From an economical standpoint, home buyers thinking of replacing the windows after the sale are often very likely to over estimate how much it will cost to do so.

It is also can be more difficult for some home buyers to afford home improvements right after the purchase of a home. Many buyers prefer to pay a bit more and have everything included in their mortgage. Others, simply do not want to deal with a home needing any improvements. Either way, homebuyers appreciate new windows because they will not have to worry about replacing them upfront.

The longer lifespan of hurricane impact windows and their lack of need for maintenance offsets any future financial concerns. It is also known that traditional glass windows often have a much shorter lifespan than their hurricane-rated counterparts.

Better Home Security

In addition to storm protection, Impact windows can resist the forces of standard burglary instruments that criminals use to enter a home. Being so durable and easy to lock, burglars, trespassers, and those otherwise looking for trouble are more likely to be discouraged from targeting your property. With impact windows, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind year-round.

Can Cover the Entirety of the House

Hurricane-resistant windows can cover the entirety of a home, making them a very appealing option. Impact glass can be custom-fitted to existing window frames, which allows you to replace all the windows in your home with a superior hurricane protection option. Doing so will enable you to assure prospective buyers that all windows are properly outfitted to protect them from an intense storm.

Do Not Block Sunlight

There’s a reason that Florida is called the “sunshine state.” Impact windows offer a beautiful clarity that allows you to enjoy the sunlight. They do not need to be covered by storm panels during a hurricane. If the power goes out before the storm, you will be glad you do not need flashlights and candles during the day. Also, with impact windows you will be able to see out and better know what is happening outside. 

Lower your Electric Bill

Some hurricane windows can even make your home more energy-efficient with the level of insulation they provide and can have glass that block radiant heat. Hurricane windows can also block nearly 99% of harmful UV rays that can penetrate your home and damage your furniture, floors, walls, and artwork.

New energy-efficient hurricane windows can help lower your electric bill by over 30% according to the EPA, as compared to single-pane windows. Through these energy savings, your new windows can essentially pay for themselves, so you don’t have to.

Easy to Operate

Want windows that are easy to open? There’s no need to worry – hurricane windows open just like the windows that everyone is used to. In fact these new windows will likely function much better than your old windows do now. New homebuyers will not struggle with a hard to open window when they want to let fresh air in. Hurricane windows may be good at keeping out storms, pests, and burglars – but are super easy to open from the inside. 

Up Your Home’s Resale Value with Impact Windows

Since window upgrades are often viewed as a “functional update,” it may seem like the impact windows don’t affect your home value. However, like other home improvements, such as kitchen and bath remodels, landscaping, and painting, impact windows can significantly increase the resale value of your home, making them a worthy investment. Best of all, they offer so many benefits that you can enjoy while you are still living in your home.

Installing hurricane-proof windows can give you an excellent return on investment if you plan to sell or refinance your home in the near future. Are you ready to get the most bang for your buck? If it is time to upgrade your home’s windows and its resale value, as a result, contact us today for a free estimate: 844-749-2121


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