The Complete Guide to South Florida Roofing

South Florida Roofing: When you think of hurricane impact defense for your home, window protection might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, no home is safe from extreme weather without a strong, high-quality roof. 

When a hurricane hits, roof damage can be even more destructive than window damage. High-speed winds can detach a roof from the structure of a house, creating an opening for water and debris to pour inside and ruin the interior. 

To protect your South Florida home from major storms, a hurricane-rated roofing system is essential. 

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about South Florida roofing so that you can protect your home with confidence. 

South Florida roofing

How Do Hurricane Winds Rip Roofs off of Homes?

Hurricane winds are incredibly powerful, capable of violently tearing a roof right off of a house. Here are the factors that put roofs at risk during hurricanes. 

Wind Speed

Hurricane winds can reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour, with gusts of over 140 miles per hour. At these speeds, hurricane winds can easily blow shingles, tiles, and other materials off of roofs. 

South Florida Roofing

Wind Direction

Hurricane winds don’t simply blow in one horizontal direction. They twist and swirl violently. When winds hit a property from various angles, the likelihood of damage goes up. Powerful wind gusts can also move vertically, ripping shingles upward and off of a roof. 

Upward Pressure

As hurricane winds blow across the surface of a roof, the air pressure above the roof becomes lower than the air pressure under the roof. This results in upward pressure that pushes the roof away from the house. This is the same effect that causes windows to break outward, rather than inward, during hurricanes. 

Upward pressure caused by extreme winds is sometimes so strong that an entire roof can be lifted off of a home. 

Roof Age and Condition

Old roofs and roofs that are in poor condition are more susceptible to hurricane damage. 

Roofs experience gradual wear and tear, such as loose shingles or loss of shingle granules. The more wear and tear a roof has already suffered, the more likely it is to yield extreme damage during a major storm event. 

Other Types of Roof Damage

Along with direct wind damage, here are a few more major roof threats that occur when a hurricane hits. 


Hurricanes bring a combination of fierce winds, heavy rains, and flying debris. This is a recipe for leaks, as wind gusts and debris break a roof’s seal and rain comes pouring in through the compromised area. 

Heavy Impacts 

Extreme weather breaks large tree branches off of trees and sends debris hurling through the air. In these circumstances, a brand new roof can be destroyed in an instant if wasn’t built to withstand heavy impacts. 

Benefits of Hurricane-Rated South Florida Roofing

A hurricane-rated roof, such as a GAF roofing system installed by Paradise Exteriors, is built to defend a home against intense winds, torrential rains, and heavy impacts. Hurricane-rated roofs comply with strict Florida building codes and are tested to withstand Class 4 impacts

Here are a few benefits of protecting your home with a hurricane-rated roof. 

GAF Windproven - Infinite Windspeed Protection

Unlimited Windspeeds

We are proud to offer the only shingle roof rated and warranted for unlimited windspeeds! For South Florida roofing, this is the one shingle roof system your home needs.

Superior Shingle Adhesion

Shingles must be tightly bonded to a roof in order to prevent them from coming loose when heavy wind and rains hit. Superior shingle adhesion helps a roof remain intact and well-protected against extreme weather. 

Stainproof Appearance

A durable roofing system is not only built to withstand storms. It’s also more resistant to wear and tear and slower forms of damage such as algae and UV rays. GAF shingles include time-released algae-fighting technology and UV-blocking granules to help your roof stay in top condition for more years. 

Better Seals

High-quality sealing is critical throughout the entire surface and perimeter of your roof. Tightly-sealed shingles resist wind damage and prevent leaking. 

Home Fire Protection

During a home fire, a roof may cave in, rapidly accelerating damage and putting human lives at risk. With enhanced fire resistance, a roof can remain intact longer. This slows down the rate of fire damage and improves the chances of successful life-saving evacuations. 

HOA Compliance For South Florida Roofing

In the state of Florida, 44.5% of the population lives in a home that’s governed by a homeowner association (HOA). 

It’s not always easy to keep up with HOA guidelines for your home’s exterior appearance. Fortunately, expert roofers can use a variety of shingle styles, colors, and finishes in order to comply with HOA rules while upgrading the safety and aesthetic qualities of your roof. 

Get South Florida Roofing That Is Hurricane-Rated for Your Home

At Paradise Exteriors, we’re a GAF Master Elite Contractor for Florida, a distinction that only 2% of roofers earn. We’re also an installer of Timberline High Definition roof shingles that carry a Class A Fire Rating, the highest possible fire safety distinction in the roofing industry. 

To discuss hurricane roofing for your home, contact Paradise Exteriors today to schedule a free consultation. 


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