High Technology

High Technology,Glass TechnologyDid you know of the different varieties of glass that are possible for your window with different types of technology? The glass of Windpact Plus, a specific type of Custom Window Systems, provided by Paradise Exteriors, has low emissivity.  Low emissivity in glass reflects heat back to its source.  Not only are these windows designed to protect from hurricanes but with low emissivity, they can reflect the sunlight back out and keep one cool inside their home.  In the summertime in Southern Florida the heat can be excruciatingly hot.   Additional high technology on the windows provided by Custom Windows Systems includes a lamination and insulation.  Behind the exterior layer of glass is a low-emissivity glass coating following by an argon gas filling.  Behind the argon gas filling is a Poly Vinyl Buteral (PVB) Interlayer, which provides insulation and then there is lamination on the inside. The insulation helps to reduce conduction and resultant heat loss.  The Vinyl helps with the impact, which was addressed in length previously.


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