8 Home Window Security Tips for Florida Properties

Protect Your Windows Against Damage and Break-Ins

Windows are often a prime target for thieves that wish to break into a  property. Often thought of as an easy way inside, a burglar might try to shatter a window pane to unlock it from the inside. 

In a state like Florida, intense storm activity can also threaten a home’s safety. Without proper window and door protection, the forces of nature can penetrate your home’s exterior and cause extensive damage inside. 

Today, we are going to cover some top home window security tips for Florida homeowners. Keep these in mind to better protect the ones you love and the valuable belongings you care most about. 

1: Inspect Your Windows Periodically 

Check each window in your home for any issue that could compromise their security. If you are able to correct the problem, do so as soon as possible. If not, it may be time for new windows.  

Some key areas to check when inspecting your windows include: 

Glass Panes

The windowpanes themselves will offer the most blatant sign of any damage. Look for cracks, holes, or pitting in the glass and note these where possible. 

It is important to remember that, regardless of condition, regular glass windows cannot, by themselves, provide much protection against break-ins. Only impact-windows offer enhanced security.

Seals and Caulking

Depending on your window’s manufacturer and age, the sealing method could vary. Check the seals on the edges of your windows and inspect the caulking to make sure that neither are rotted or eroding. Plan to have your windows re-caulked and resealed in a prompt manner so that they do not become a potential target for burglars. 

Condition of the Frame 

With age, window frames can become brittle, corroded, and weakened. A trespasser can easily damage them further to try to create an opening to unlock your window from the inside or to pry it open.

2: Don’t Block Your Windows from the Outside 

Blocking your windows from the outside can shield burglars from view. This provides them with more time to potentially break into your home. Instead, trim any outdoor plants that are obscuring your windows and use an indoor shade, blind, or curtain for privacy instead. 

3: Upgrade Your Window Locks 

When faced with an old window that will not stay closed, oftentimes homeowners will resort to permanently nailing or screwing it shut. This can be a huge safety hazard in the event of a fire. If you have a broken lock on your window, remember it is much safer to install an aftermarket replacement lock.

4: Use Multiple Window Locks 

Having multiple locks on your window will add an extra layer of security against a burglar. Install your secondary lock in a location that is more difficult for someone to access from the outside. This will make it harder to open your windows.  

5: Get Window Sensors 

Home security packages often include window sensors that make noise when they detect the sound of broken glass. These will notify you if someone has tried to penetrate a window in part of your home. 

6: Use Home Surveillance Equipment 

Other security equipment like surveillance cameras, motion sensor lights, and video doorbells can deter burglars from trying to enter your home. A person attempting a break-in will not want to appear on video or have light shown on them during the night. A video doorbell can also notify you if someone is near your door and allow you to speak to them. 

7: Double-Check Your Windows 

Before going to sleep or leaving your home, double-check windows that you commonly leave open to see if they are opened or unlocked. If so, be sure to close them and lock them before heading out. 

8: Upgrade to Impact-Proof Glass 

Hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand far greater force than standard glass. A person trying to shatter an impact-resistant window will encounter more resistance and will likely be unable to successfully break through the pane. This will often thwart the burglar causing them to leave your property to find an easier one to break into. 

Also, as the name implies, hurricane impact windows are an essential storm protection feature for Florida homes. They can be installed in any existing window opening and will operate like a standard window. Their robust construction provides superior protection against the intense forces of hurricane activity, without requiring the setup, teardown, and maintenance of other solutions. 

Get Your Own Impact Windows for Better Home Security Today

At Paradise Exteriors, we carry the only impact window recognized by the National Crime Prevention Council as helping to Take-a-Bite-out-of-Crime. Not only do these provide superior protection against weather events, but they also can help give you peace of mind that your home is better secured from unwanted visitors. 

If you are looking to upgrade your windows to hurricane-rated impact glass, contact our team at Paradise Exteriors today. Get a free estimate and learn about our industry-leading warranty options. 


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