Housing Our Veterans

Housing Our VeteransThough we here at Paradise Exteriors work hard to keep out the worst Mother Nature can throw at us, sometimes there is call to open our doors to those in need. Those who, at one point, were willing to risk everything to be sure we were safe. After a rousing speech last week, Michelle Obama is imploring citizens of the United States to open their arms and homes to homeless veterans, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.
A cooperative effort between the VA and the Department of Housing, this program looks to fill vacancies in apartment buildings with veterans in need of a place to stay. An arm of Obama’s “End Veteran Homelessness” campaign, Michelle outlined the cold truths behind the homeless Veteran population that plagues our nation. Looking to dispel the notion that these men and women are all PTSD time-bobs, Michelle Obama said plainly that on any one night, there’s an estimated 40,000 homeless veterans living in the United States.

Los Angeles has seen some tremendous success in their “Home for Good’ campaign. Having successfully found homes for nearly 3,000 veterans and counting, “Home for Good” is but one of many programs looking to utilize empty or foreclosed homes as a place of refuge for our struggling soldiers.

Paradise ExteriorsFar too often, the struggle of others is turned into a political statement. We use our acts of kindness as a platform to elevate ourselves above those who have yet to do the same. But in this case, there is nothing to be gained other than the respect of someone in need. there is nothing to be won other than a sense of helping someone in need, and there is no time better to help than right now. For more on this issue and the programs looking to make a difference, click here.

If you are interested in Housing Our Veterans in South Florida, call Paradise Exteriors, LLC at 844-749-2121, or fill out our online request form.


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