How Long Does a Roof Last in Florida?

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Making sure it is in good condition is essential. As your roof ages, there will be a time when it will inevitably need to be replaced. If you are asking yourself, how long does a roof last in Florida?, keep reading, we are going to cover how long you can expect your roof will last, so that you can predict when you may need to upgrade.

How long does a roof last in Florida

Average Lifespan of a Roof in Florida

In Florida, a shingle roof can last on average around 20 years. However, this number doesn’t account for unpredictable complications, such as extreme weather. 

While you can use 20 years as a general guideline for timing when you should eventually replace your old shingle roof. Other factors which could affect this are:


The materials of the roof play a direct role in determining its lifespan. If a roof is made out of less desirable materials, it will not be able to withstand the frequent heat, sun and extreme Florida weather.

The most basic type of roof is the shingle roof, which lasts around 20 years. In comparison to this, a premium shingle roof can yield double the time protecting a house. The longevity of tile roofs is similar to premium shingle roofs, especially in Florida conditions. A metal roof will often last a bit longer than a tile roof, depending on the quality.

Premium GAF roofing shingles are among the longest lasting roofing options available. When backed by a Golden Pledge Warranty, they are warrantied for 50 years!

Shape of the Roof

The roof drainage is almost as important as the material to its overall lifespan. Depending on the angle roofs are either classified as sloped or flat roofs. 

Sloped roofs will typically last longer. This is because they have better drainage, so they are able to move rainwater off of its surface and reduce the chance of leaks. The slanted roof has the ability to quickly deflect rain and even debris, like fallen tree branches, downward toward the ground.

Flat roofs, depending on how they are installed, can need replacement more often. If a flat roof has poor water drainage, or collects heavy debris, about a decade may be all it can handle. Afterward, if it is not replaced, you may dealing with leaks and even structural damage. 

A properly installed flat roof will have a slight angle to it, so that water drains off. If there are trees near your flat roof, it is good to check periodically for fallen tree branches and leaves that may be collecting on your roof.

A properly installed and maintained flat roof can last two or three times longer.


Florida is a state that is well known for its severe storms and frequent hurricanes. Unfortunately, each storm can be a risk to your roof and can cause a shorter lifespan.

Intense winds, large debris, and other risk factors of severe storms can blow off shingles and threaten the integrity of the roof. Results of a storm could be some missing shingles and shingles with cracks or broken off pieces or, in extreme cases, a roof that is not properly tied down can tear away from the the house entirely during a hurricane. If that happens, your house will be completely destroyed.

At Paradise Exteriors we offer the only shingle roof rated for unlimited wind speeds. It has been tested against hurricane force winds and is warrantied to hold up in a storm.

UV Light

When it comes to UV light, it’s not only your skin that needs protection from it. In Florida, the intensified UV light rays could affect materials in the home as well as any chemical treatments or protective coatings like polyurethane. This can cause chemical deterioration, which can also compromise the roof’s durability.

Proximity to Trees

When bad weather happens, the most common issue to watch out for, no matter where you are, is falling tree branches. They are one of the most common and dangerous threats, especially to the integrity of a roof.

Small branches may cause some scratches and may clutter up the roof. However, heavy branches or trees toppling over can place holes in a roof or take out entire sections. If you live in a wooded area, make sure to regularly trim branches that hang over the roof or are within 10-20 feet of the house. Any dead trees should be cut down and removed.

Moss and Algae Growth

As a roof is exposed to sunlight throughout its lifetime, moss and algae can build up. These organisms don’t just like to grow on wood, and they can cause roof shingles to rot – leaving an incomplete protection for your home.

The best way to control moss and algae is through one of two methods. Either use moss and algae-resistant roofing shingles, or spray them with a mixture of half-liquid bleach and half-water using a sprayer and then rinsing with water.

GAF roofing shingles with StainGuard use special micro embedded time-released copper for longer-lasting prevention of algae growth.


Clogged gutters can cause water to pool near the roof. This promotes mold growth and potentially puts the wood at risk of rotting. The gutters should be cleaned regularly, especially after a heavy storm.

Debris can also weigh down the gutters. If wood rot or other detrimental issues are already present, extra weight could cause further costly damage and be a dangerous combination if a clogged gutter eventually falls down.

Attic Issues

Some threats to a roof can come from within its own home. If your attic does not have proper ventilation that allows heat an humidity to escape, this can rot the sheathing and even eventually the wood joists holding up the roof. Rotted wood will obviously compromise the structural integrity.

Make sure when replacing your roof you use a professional that fully understands your attic vending requirements as well as how to safely install it. Otherwise, improperly installed venting can become a huge risk during a hurricane.

Upgrade Your Florida Home with a Hurricane-Rated Roofing System

Update your Florida home with a roof installed by Paradise Exteriors. As a Master Elite Contractor, we are among only 2% of roofing companies in the world with this distinction. Then, if someone asks you, how long does a roof last in Florida, you can tell them you have a stormproof GAF roof installed by Paradise Exteriors!

Our GAF roofing systems are secure, with hurricane resistance and longevity as the primary design features. They are also the most attractive roofing shingles on the market. Plus, they last an extremely long time, and are warrantied both last and to withstand hurricane force winds.

To learn more about getting a hurricane-rated roofing system installed, contact us today for a free estimate: 844-749-2121


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