How to Clean Hurricane-Resistant Windows

Hurricane-Resistant WindowsSo you’ve finally installed hurricane-resistant windows in your house. Now, you can stop worrying about incurring internal, weather-related damage to your property – but how do you go about cleaning this special type of hurricane-resistant glass?

The second very important piece of advice we have for cleaning hurricane-resistant windows is that this process should never be conducted in direct sunlight. The best time to clean your windows is before or after the sun has set; this lighting will allow you to see where the window needs to be cleaned, and it will give you more control over making sure the task is completed properly. Moreover, you should never use any kind of a metal scraper on your new windows, as these will more often than not irreparably damage the glass, thereby diminishing their ability to protect your house as intended in extreme weather events.The most important tip for keeping your new windows in pristine condition is to always rinse any excess dirt off of them before you start the process of actually washing them with a mild, non-abrasive cleanser. Unlike regular glass windows, hurricane-resistant windows can get damaged or scratched by virtually any material that stays on their surface for too long. Even water can harm these windows if enough time elapses, so in addition to cleaning off excess debris before washing, make sure to always dry your windows thoroughly before using a squeegee to finish the task. We also advise against using paper towel to clean your hurricane-resistant windows, because paper towels have been known to leave dust and fuzz on the surface of the glass. Instead, use a microfiber towel or even newspaper – just be extra careful while completing this task and pay close attention to making sure nothing sharp drags across the surface of the pane.

And if you’re looking for a streak-free finish, you may want to consider using distilled water to clean your new windows; hard water has been known to leave streaks, resulting in a less polished appearance, so keep that in mind, too!


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