How to Maintain Hurricane Proof Glass

Keeping Hurricane Proof Glass Windows and Doors in Excellent Condition 

Hurricane proof glass provides an excellent defense against the forces of intense storm activity. However, depending on their age it is important to check them. This is particularly true for homes that already had hurricane windows installed when the property was purchased.  

Today, we are going to review some key tips that you can follow to check and maintain your own hurricane proof windows and doors at your property. First, let’s start with inspecting the glass itself. 

Inspect the Glass  

Hurricane windows have been in use for almost 30 years. Do you know how old your windows are? Due to improvements in technology over the years, old hurricane proof glass may not provide the same protection that is offered today.  

Another important factor to consider is that installation methods have been enhanced over time. This includes improvements in the type, strength and number of screws used to install hurricane windows. 

Windows with hurricane glass can also deteriorate with age like anything else. Today’s impact-rated windows are rated to last longer than most older storm windows were. 

Check your glass for an impact rating, approval type and the manufacture date. Also examine the glass for signs of wear and tear. Though hurricane proof windows and doors can withstand greater force than their standard counterparts, their strength can vary due to many factors. 

Some signs to look out for include: 

  • Cracks
  • Holes
  • Pitting on the frame
  • Scratches
  • Discoloration, even if only in the corners
  • Blurriness that doesn’t clear up 
  • Fog or moisture trapped inside the windows 
  • Missing approval numbers

If you notice any of these warning signs, this could indicate an issue with the safety of your window. Contact a professional as soon as they may need to be replaced before any upcoming hurricane activity. 

Clean the Windows and Doors  

hurricane proof glass

Most older hurricane glass windows have aluminum frames. Although aluminum does not necessarily rust, it does pit and corrodes over time.

Most manufacturers recommend periodically rinsing or cleaning aluminum window frames, particularly if subject to salt air. Some manufacturers also call for you to wash and wax their aluminum window frames annually, just to maintain the warranty.

Use a gentle glass cleaner or mild soap and a soft cloth to clean the surfaces. If something needs to be scraped off of the window, use a plastic or rubber scraper instead of a metal one to avoid creating scratches. 

High-quality reinforced vinyl windows with UV blockers do not require maintenance. These may come with a warranty that lasts 30 years or longer. 

Avoid Coating the Glass with Extra Materials 

Hurricane proof windows and doors do not require extra protective coatings to defend your home against the forces of a storm. Avoid installing additional films. There is currently no film on the market approved for hurricane protection.

Don’t Forget to Check the Frames

When inspecting your glass, don’t ignore the frames around it either. If you notice that an old hurricane window frame or door frame has peeling paint or looks corroded, plan to have it  replaced as soon as possible. Repainting an old corroded window frame won’t make it any stronger.  

Inspect Your Windows After a Strong Storm 

Though hurricane windows and doors do protect our homes, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be inspected  after a storm. When a hurricane has passed, re-inspect your windows following the steps above to identify any signs of damage that might compromise their ability to withstand the next weather event. 

Get Your Hurricane Proof Glass Serviced by Florida’s Top Installers 

Our team at Paradise Exteriors offers professional hurricane window installation and replacement to our neighbors throughout Florida. With our courteous and prompt service and generous warranty options, we strive to bring immense value to you without sacrificing an ounce of quality. 

To learn more about having your old windows replaced at your Florida home with quality hurricane glass windows that meet or exceed today’s standards, contact us today for a free estimate. 


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