Hurricane Windows in Clearwater FL

Can you say with absolute confidence that the windows in your Clearwater, Florida, home are strong enough to withstand a hurricane? Sure, your current windows may look nice, but will they still look nice shattered on your floor after a day of hurricane-force winds? Probably not. To prevent glass from shattering during hurricane season, South Florida residents need hurricane-resistant windows from Paradise Exteriors. Since 2007, we’ve provided thousands of Florida homeowners with hurricane windows that add both strength and beauty to their homes.

Custom-Made Premium Hurricane Windows

Paradise Exteriors installs a wide range of customizable hurricane-resistant windows that complement the look of every home in addition to being tested and rated to be installed in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).

For example, as an exclusive distributor of Soft-Lite products, we offer one of the award-winning manufacturer’s strongest hurricane windows. This vinyl impact window comes in a variety of colors, specialty shapes, and custom designs to fit the unique style of your home. It also comes with the following features to protect against hurricanes and other harsh Florida weather:

  • Thick-Walled Vinyl Frame – Corners of this frame are fused together at extremely high temperatures for impressive durability.
  • Marine Glazing – Provides a tighter seal that can withstand strong hurricane-force winds.
  • Insulating Foam Wrap – This wrap around the frame minimizes the chance of air flow between the window and any voids in the walls of your home.

We also install windows from the vinyl WindPact Plus and aluminum Icon series by Custom Window Systems, and offer replacement services. Both the WindPact Plus and Icon hurricane impact windows have high design pressure ratings (DP), meaning they are able to withstand high wind loads. These windows have also been tested to meet or exceed strict requirements of the Florida Building Code.

Hurricane Impact Windows Are a Must for Your Home

To learn more about our custom hurricane-resistant windows and how they can benefit your Clearwater home, contact Paradise Exteriors for a free consultation today.


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