Why Impact Glass Makes For Perfect Sunroom Replacement Windows

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” for a reason. Some of the best natural daylight shines down on our home peninsula. With its east and west coast beaches and plenty of foliage, there are many reasons to want to experience Florida’s natural beauty as much as possible. 

A popular fixture in many Florida homes is an enclosed sunroom. These rooms feature more windows than other areas of the house, allowing as much daylight as possible to filter through.

However, because they contain more glass than the average room, they are left particularly vulnerable to hurricane threats and can also prove rather challenging to prepare for hurricanes, as you may have to install and set up shutters for the numerous windows along the wall and any skylights on the roof. 

If you are considering sunroom impact window replacement in South Florida, know that upgrading to hurricane impact windows can prove to be a very beneficial investment. 

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Sunroom with Hurricane Impact Windows

Though it is typically recommended that you replace all of your windows with hurricane-rated alternatives in one project, if you only want to protect one room, it should be the sunroom. Its large amount of glass makes it the most vulnerable entry point for debris, wind, and water during a storm. Here are the many benefits of replacing your sunroom windows with impact ones:

No Shattering

The most significant advantage of hurricane impact windows is that they won’t shatter when flying objects hit them during a storm. A broken window can leave a gaping hole in a sunroom where wind, water, and debris can enter and compromise the entire room’s safety, security, and protection from the elements.

Impact windows, though they can break, do not shatter and can prevent further damage to your interior by drastically reducing or eliminating the storm forces’ ability to enter your home. These windows are made of tempered glass, which is tested to ensure that they can withstand the impact of large missile objects launched at them through the air.

Leak Protection

Hurricanes can cause major leaks in your sunroom, resulting in costly repairs and replacements. While most homeowners fix their homes after the hurricane passes, these leaks can cause extensive damage over time, costing money and causing mold growth and other health problems for your family.

Impact windows are explicitly designed with robust, leak-resistant frames and superior seals to significantly reduce the chance of water leaking through your home and render your sunroom unenjoyable or unusable until the issue is remedied.

Better Thermal Control

When you upgrade to hurricane-resistant windows, you’ll lower your energy bills while enjoying your sunroom like never before. Sunrooms are typically located in southern-facing parts of homes, which means they get a lot of direct sunlight year-round, causing higher indoor temperatures. This can make a hot sunroom unenjoyable and unpleasant when it is supposed to be one of the most relaxing spaces.

High temperatures can also result in causing your air conditioning system to work harder and run more frequently to cool the room, resulting in higher energy bills. The superior sealing on hurricane impact windows prevents cool air from escaping and prevents warmer air from entering, resulting in more comfort and less strain on your AC. 

The thermal properties of impact windows also extend to UV filtering. Harmful UV rays, plentiful in sunny regions like Florida, are filtered out before reaching your interior, allowing you and your family to enjoy safer and healthier sunlight that will not damage your interior surfaces, fabrics, or skin.

No Maintenance Required

The best part about choosing hurricane impact windows as your sunroom replacement windows, is that they require no maintenance. Maintaining traditional glass windows in a sunroom can quickly become exhausting and time-consuming. Hurricane impact windows are maintenance-free and do not require any special preparation or treatment. Instead, they are always ready to defend your home from any force that may otherwise threaten your property.

Replace Your Sunroom Windows Today

Upgrading with hurricane-resistant sunroom replacement windows can provide excellent value to any home. Virtually shatterproof, they offer superior leak protection and better thermal control without the headache of additional maintenance. 

Paradise Exteriors is the exclusive installer of Paradise Platinum hurricane impact glass -the only of its kind to hold multiple energy star awards and an endorsement from the National Crime Prevention Council. With various styles, colors, and finishes to choose from, we can help you transform your sunroom into the perfect place for relaxing or entertaining. To get started, schedule your free estimate today!


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