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In Fort Lauderdale, your windows do more than just open your living spaces to views of blue skies and gently swaying palm trees. They also offer protection from the elements during Florida’s annual hurricane season, or at least they should. If your windows are old or damaged, then it may be time to upgrade to high-performing impact windows. Let Paradise Exteriors help. We install top-rated windows for homeowners across South Florida, helping them enjoy views of outdoor scenery while giving their homes the protection they deserve.

Defense You Can Count On

When updating the windows in your home, you need to know that the impact-resistant windows you invest in will make a difference during the next storm. Fortunately, we install three lines of high-performing impact windows, making it easy to provide your home with the protection it deserves no matter your budget. Choose from our:

  • Platinum Series – Designed to protect your home from Mother Nature’s worst, these vinyl impact-resistant windows feature a stainless-steel constant force balance system and heavy-duty locks.
  • Gold Series – Multi-chambered vinyl frames, dual-paned glass, and argon gas fills enable these impact windows to fulfill the dual roles of enhancing the security and energy efficiency of your home.
  • Silver Series – Made from sturdy aluminum and possessing durable block-and-tackle balances, these economic impact-resistant windows can weather virtually any storm.

Additionally, all of our replacement windows are rated for installation in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), making them the perfect addition to South Florida residences.

One-of-a-Kind Service

When you choose Paradise Exteriors to install impact-resistant windows in your South Florida home, you’ll enjoy the kind of attentive experience you’d expect from a family-owned and -operated company. Unlike the fly-by-night contractors who swoop in after major storms, offering sub-par products and slapdash service, we strive to provide you with long-lasting impact windows capable of protecting your home for years to come.

Are you ready to enjoy the protection that our impact windows offer? Contact Paradise Exteriors to schedule a consultation and learn more about the products we offer Fort Lauderdale, FL, homeowners.


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