Pompano Beach Replacement Windows

Our Replacement Windows Provide the Reliable Storm Protection You Need in Pompano Beach, FL

Replacement Windows Pompano Beach FLImagine this scenario: News reports indicate that a large hurricane is moving toward landfall in the Pompano Beach, Florida, area, and it’s being recommended that everyone here prepares for the worst. In this situation, how confident would you feel that your windows can safeguard your home?

If your answer is anything but absolute certainty, then you need to speak with the trusted storm protection experts at Paradise Exteriors. We’re a locally owned company that specializes in installing impact-resistant replacement windows in Florida, and we’re ready to provide your home with the reliable protection that it deserves.

How Our Pompano Beach Replacement Windows Can Safeguard Your Residence

When extreme weather strikes, one of the worst things that can happen is to have hurricane-force winds enter your home. Our replacement windows can prevent this from happening thanks to their special ultra-durable interlayer that will stand strong even in the event that the glass shatters.

Because the replacement windows have passed all relevant durability tests and can withstand sustained winds of 140 mph and gusts up to 212 mph, you can depend on them to endure Mother Nature’s worst. They also provide all of the other benefits that you want in house windows, such as having an attractive design and well-insulated components that can potentially reduce your monthly energy costs a significant amount.

What Other Aspects of Your Home’s Exterior Would You Like to Upgrade?

At Paradise Exteriors, our commitment to offering the finest products applies to our other exterior remodeling services as well. If you want to replace an exterior door on your home with a more attractive, durable, or energy-efficient option, we can make this wish a reality. We’re also known as a skilled roofing company offering long-lasting roofs made by GAF, one of the industry’s oldest and most respected manufacturers.

For impact-resistant replacement windows and more, contact Paradise Exteriors today. It would be our pleasure to provide you with any additional information you require about the installation services we offer in Pompano Beach, FL, and give you with a price quote on any options you’re considering.


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