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Florida window installation

Putting The Win In Windows

Everyone knows there is more to a window than panes and glass. A natural conduit for light to enter a space, a window can oftentimes become the focal point of a room. Using the natural light to your advantage leaves affords hundreds of options for you to take that light and make it your own. Here are a few window treatments to dress up your windows and make the most of your home.

Windows blindsFlora always makes for an excellent window companion. The lush greens of verdant life really pop when light hits the leaves. Going beyond the visual, a window is oftentimes the best place for a plant. Plentiful sunlight with regular waterings will make for a happy houseplant. Whether potted plant or flower, you can’t go wrong with putting a plant near your window.

If you’d prefer a more classic approach to window adornment, give shutters a try. Simple to hang, easy to maintain, and pleasant to look at, shutters are a great way to add some down-home flavor to your apartment or home. Coming in all shades, sizes and shapes, these fixtures are a simple way to dress any window, and require very little in the way of effort to maintain or care for.

Window film is one of the lesser known ways to spruce your windows while maintaining a level of practicality. Window films can be used to bring a room’s theme across the pane with a bevy of pattern selections to match any arrangement. Need more of a reason? Window film can potentially save on costs come winter time. Capable of locking in heat during those winter months, window film acts as a barrier between the elements. Nearly 10% of your home’s heat is lost through the windows, and window film is the cheap and easy way to fight it.

Blinds are an excellent way to dress windows that combine the facility of shutters with the temperature control of window film. For managing your home’s temperature, reflective blinds can shield your windows from extraneous heat, or keep the temperature in by creating a barrier between the glass and home. Whether you’re keeping a space dark with Roman blinds, or brightening a space with sheer white roller blinds, there’s is something for every style of room decor.

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