How to Tell if You Have Rotting Window Frames

Whether past their lifespan or exposed to water damage, old wooden window frames can easily rot. This compromises the safety of your home as well as creates risk of air leakage, moisture entry, and can leave a vulnerable part of the home exposed during a hurricane.

How do you know if your window frames are rotting, though? In this guide, we are going to cover some key warning signs to look out for that indicate it is time to upgrade. First, let’s start with one of the most visible: paint issues. 

1: Paint Starts to Peel and Chip

When rot starts to develop in the wood of your window frames, the paint no longer can stick to the wood. You may begin to see chips in the paint. 

Paint adheres to the dry texture of the surface it is on, and once rot begins to take hold of the window, it retains water more easily. Once you see this, it may be time to start looking into a window upgrade. 

2: Moisture Accumulates on and Around the Windows

Moisture that builds up around and on your windows can indicate that there is a leak somewhere that is causing damage to the wood. This leak could be due to rot that has spread throughout the windows. 

If you begin to see droplets building up inside of the windows, even when they are closed, consider inspecting further to see if there are any openings forming around the window frame. 

3: Windows Seem Difficult or Impossible to Open and Close

When wood is beginning to rot, it may change the structural composition of the frame. This can lead to common annoyances like a window becoming stuck in place. This means that if your window frame is showing signs of rotting, it may be almost impossible to open and close them. 

4: Windows Make Creaky Noises When you Open or Close Them

When a door in your house creaks, most people chalk it up to rusted hinges and call it a day. When a window begins to make creaking noises, you should investigate further. 

A window should never be making creaking noises, especially when opening and closing it. Windows are specially sealed for quiet operating and thermal control. If you start to hear sounds of friction, this could be a clue that there is something wrong with the frame. 

Once creaking is involved, this could mean the build of the frame is compromised. Have a professional check to see if this is a sign of rot or a potentially broken window.

5: The Wood on the Window Frames Appears Warped or Uneven

Most of the time, you should be able to see if a piece of wood is rotting, especially the polished or painted wood that is used in window frames. Not only will the paint peel or chip, but the wood may also look warped or uneven in appearance. 

To see if your wooden materials are warped or uneven, you can start by running your hand over the surface. If it feels curvy or bumpy, this is the most obvious sign. Additionally, you can take a level and place it flatly against the frame to assess whether it is not flat and smooth. 

6: You Can see Light Coming in Between the Window Frame and Wall

You should never be able to see daylight coming from in between the window frame and your wall. Visible light could mean that your windows have a breach in their adhesives, and rot could be eating away from the inside. To make sure that the problem does not worsen over time, replace your windows as soon as possible if you notice this warning sign. 

7: You Notice a Draft Coming Through the Windows

Do you notice your air-conditioned room feeling a lot warmer than normal, or vice-versa? 

Not only can rotting window frames cause inconsistent temperatures, but it also wastes energy that could result in more expensive utility bills. 

Energy used is money spent, and you don’t need a leak eating away at your pockets. Keep an eye on your windows and see if drafts or temperature inconsistencies occur. 

8: You Hear More Outdoor Noise Coming in Through your Window

Excessive outside noise can disrupt even the most calm indoor environments. When you are home relaxing, you don’t want to hear all of the sounds from the other side of the walls. 

If you notice that parts of your home sound louder than others, check your windows to see if the noise is coming from those parts of the wall. This could indicate a rotting frame causing gaps where more sound can travel through to your interior.  

Hurricane Impact Windows: The Natural Upgrade for Florida Homes

When it comes to replacing your windows, hurricane impact windows are a natural upgrade from traditional glass. They include enhanced features, such as: 

  • Better thermal control and energy efficiency, which can lead to saving money on bills.
  • Reduced noise pollution, especially in loud neighborhoods.
  • Rot-resistant frames.
  • Customizable sizes and styles to fit the openings that already exist in your home – no renovation needed!
  • The ability to keep your home’s aesthetic intact.
  • Year-round hurricane protection, which is a must have in the variable Florida weather
  • Virtually maintenance-free window upkeep.

Upgrade to Paradise Platinum Hurricane Impact Windows

Paradise Exteriors is the exclusive installer of Paradise Platinum windows – the only hurricane impact windows to hold multiple Energy Star awards, as well as a National Crime Prevention Council endorsement for home security.

We are proud to offer our customers flexible financing and the industry’s most generous range of warranty options to ensure that your safety isn’t as out of reach as you think. To get started, contact us today to schedule a free estimate. 


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