Soft-Lite Strength

We’ve spoken a lot about windows from Custom Window Systems, touching upon the technology, the design and aesthetics.  In addition to Custom Window Systems, Paradise Exteriors also offers windows from another provider, Soft-Lite, which offers top notch products.

Our particular preference of Soft-Lite windows is the 5400 Armor Max Plus Impact Window.  It is their best looking and most versatile hurricane impact window.  Their “Impact Level D” windows are energy efficient; offer excellent protection from intrusion, significant sound reduction, and greater safety, similar to the hurricane impact windows from CWS.  This design, 5400 Armor Max Plus Impact Level D, are designed specifically to give the proper protection and beauty that every homeowner should have.  The violent weather year round in Southern Florida can be very alarming.  Can you imagine if your windows break every time there is a hurricane and then pieces of glass are floating around your home? If you have small children, that can be very dangerous.  Soft-Lite Impact Level D windows have passed ASTM 1886/1996 Large Missile tests.  The windows have passed rigorous air, water, and structural impact tests for high-velocity hurricane zones, HVHZ.  They can be installed anywhere, even on the coastline.

These windows do not require any preparation before violent weather; simply close and lock them.  The translucence of the window allows daylight in.  In the case of a blackout, natural light will be able to peer in your home, in contrast to shutters or a boarded up window.


If you need more info on about Soft-Lite Strength, call Paradise Exteriors, LLC at 844-749-2121, or fill out our online request form.


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