Impact Doors

Professionally Installed Impact Doors

Paradise Exteriors, Replacement Windows, South Florida Impact Patio Door ContractorsExperiencing the outdoors while you are actually inside the comforts of your house can be a very relaxing experience, and you can make this happen by installing doors in your South Florida home. With professionally installed impact doors from Paradise Exteriors, LLC, the beauty of the garden outside can be appreciated from within your home. This is particularly useful for days when the weather does not permit you to stay out, or when perhaps you yourself are not capable of staying out for a long time. Relaxing in a lounge chair right by your doors is almost as good as being in the garden itself.

We offer customization options for all of our South Florida door installations so that you’ll be able to get exactly the doors you need. We can offer various glass designs to allow to let in as much light through your doors as you like. Depending on where the entrance to your patio is, this can really liven up a room in your home. Our doors can come in any color, or they can be stained. Whatever will best match your ideas and your home, we’ll make sure it happens. Your new doors can be hinged, swing doors, or we can install sliding doors to keep more space available.

We can also offer you customization options based on safety, security and other practical considerations. Steel-reinforced jambs will ensure that your locks are as secure as possible, protecting your home from intruders. And we can give you doors made to prevent the spreading of smoke or flames in the event of a house fire. These can help out a lot in the case of an emergency with making sure your family can make it out of the house safely.

Therma-Tru Door Systems

therma-tru-french-hinged-patio-doorTherma-Tru door systems offer quality and durability. Therma-Tru’s fiber glass doors are a durable choice and will outperform wood and steel doors without looking like it is possible. French/ Hinged Door Systems are beautifully crafted, energy efficient, secure, and easy to maintain while the Sliding Vinyl Doors are an excellent, economical way to protect your home, while getting the benefits of maximum natural lighting.


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